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Alexandra Peng, who has been in the optical industry designing glasses for luxury European brands for 16 years, has an initiative to create unique and comfortable glasses exclusively to fit Asian characteristics.

AsianInNY 2013 Lunar New Year Fashion Show

AsianInNY’s 2013 Lunar New Year Fashion Show, drew over 500 attendees, also showcased some of TC Charton Asian Fit Eyewear which got a lot of press coverage from all Asian media such as ETTV, SinoVision, WorldJournal and some mainstream media including FashionOne TV and Stylemusic MTV.


In 2009, Peng launched TC Charton Asian Fit Eyewear. Named after her Chinese initials, Tze Ching, and her husband’s surname Charton, TC Charton debuted eyewear specifically catered to Asian populations and other ethnic backgrounds that do not have the “standard” facial bone structures to fit the majority of glasses that are made in the industry.


Designer Alexander Peng was born in Taiwan and grew up in Argentina, she can speak a total of 7 languages.  As a child, growing up with a predominant Caucasian crowd, the now successful designer and entrepreneur, can relate to the troubles of finding a pair of glasses that fit the Asian bone structures. Whether it was the lower nose bridge, higher cheekbones or wider measurements from temple to temple, glasses just never fit the way they should. The glasses would not stay in a position and always slid down to the face.

TC CHARTON exhibits at International Vision Expo

While designing for European brands, Peng realized that she could not wear any of their products. And so she spent two years researching and analyzing the Asian anatomy until TC Charton got underway in 2009.

Since TC Charton was started, the elegant eyewear collection can be found in 50 to 60 locations in the United States and soon to expand to Hong Kong and the Philippines, and ultimately making its way to all of Asia.

TC CHARTON exhibits at International Vision Expo

With so much growing support and positive feedback, Peng continues to carry on her concept to launch her own, namesaked, luxury eyewear collection, Alexander Peng. The collection consists of six sunglasses and two ophthalmic frames for women. Constructed from Mazzucchelli acetate, the frames feature elegant shapes, rich colorations, intricate customized details and such accents as Swarvoski crystals. The new collection is available from Prologue Vision.

We got a chance to preview these amazing new collections during International Vision Expo and now can’t wait to put them on! For more:


We love TC Charton Asian Fit Eyewear

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