3rd “Hello Taiwan Rocks!” Concert Raised $10k for FDNY Hurricane Sandy Relief

Photo by Francis Latif

By Keen Lee
Photographers: Francis Latif, Peter Yang Zhao, Vincent ShihChieh Wei

Once again, annual “Hello Taiwan Rocks!” concert was held at the Taiwan Center in Flushing, New York on November 17th from 6-10pm, because Flushing is known to be where Taiwanese immigrants would settle in and unite as a community. AsianInNY was very excited to co-host with Passport to Taiwan and Tai-Ke New York this event again! It was a fun and successful night for all of us!

Taiwanese American Council of Greater New York received a thank-you letter from Mr. Daniel Nigro, the Fire Chief during 9-11-01 attack recovery.  We salute the FDNY!

Thank You letter from Daniel Nigro, Fire Chief during 9-11-01 Recovery

FDNY Foundation Executive Director Jean O’Shea sent another appreciation letter to thank the entire Taiwanese community!

Presented by FDNY Foundation Executive Director Jean O’Shea

AsianInNY has been supporting “Hello Taiwan Rocks!” concert for three years and this event has drawn hundreds of audience to visit Flushing for the great music, exciting performances and amazing local food/drink.  Through all the Taiwanese community’s efforts in bringing all Taiwanese together every year the weekend right before Thanksgiving to enjoy a night of festivities, Flushing in Queens New York has became the main venue for all Taiwanese events and a place for everyone to socialize and celebrate the great holiday together.

Photo by Vincent Shih-chieh Wei

This year, the organizers invited four amazing bands to participate this fundraising concert include Hsu-Nami, Ya Han & Friends, Black Lotus, and Giga Herb.  The concert was an amazing start to the Thanksgiving weekend!  Guests enjoyed the show and ate wholeheartedly.

First to perform was Yan Han Chang. The name Ya Han Chang is very familiar to Taiwanese audiences. In 2004, she was hand-picked by Dreamworks Pictures- China to record the song “Hero”, used in the film Shrek 2. She is also a company member and lead singer of the highly acclaimed and award-winning a capella group, Semiscon, with which she has toured all over the world.

Ya Han Chang. Photo by Vincent Shih-chieh Wei

Second group to perform was Black Lotus.  Black Lotus is a band formed with 3 Asian girls and they are based in NYC. All 3 ladies have very different styles, and combining all three together makes “Black Lotus”. The band consists of Alicia (Guitar/Vocal), Kana (Bass/Vocal), and Narina (Drums/Vocal).”

Black Lotus. Photo by Vincent Shih-chieh Wei

Third band to perform is our good friend Hsu-Nami.  An international renowned Erhu fronted instrumental prog-rock band from the New York city. The Hsu-Nami integrates an amplified electric ”erhu”, a tweaked two-string spike fiddle used in Chinese classical and folk music, into a rock lineup. The band typically compose lengthy erhu melodic-based instrumental pieces that feature dynamic contrast, heavy guitar riffs, melodic bass guitar lines and trading solo. Part of the new-fusion rock movement, the Hsu-Nami redefines the 1960s and 1970s progressive fusion rock.

Hsu-Nami. Photo by Vincent Shih-chieh Wei

The night end with an entertaining band: Giga Herbs!  At the age of ten, Paul, Eric, Steve and Elsa were the founding members of the Giga Herbs! (Originally “The Sleepy Hamburger Gang” A.K.A The Bubu-Lubu Bunch). Although they weren’t physically acquainted with one another at that point, their spirits were bound by an unknowable instinct, a gravitational force of the soul much like that of the planets. This pulling caused the great Y2K infestation and forever fused megabits into their DNA. In 2010 they met, musically, in a small room adorned with Greek columns and Octopi, out in a white house on Staten Island. The rent was cheap so they forged their musical swords and never turned back. With Pauly “Premium” Americano on lead guitar, Hairy “Henny” Harry on bass, Steve Money on drums and Elsa”Bicho” on Micro-Korg they form Giga Herbs!

Giga Herbs. Photo by Vincent Shih-chieh Wei

DJ J4 Rock the House. Photo by Vincent Shih-chieh Wei

This year’s theme is “Taiwan Night Market” where there were tons of food that fed everyone to go home full for the following day. There were Taiwan’s iconic snacks which include rice dumplings, fish cakes, oyster vermicelli and Taiwanese sausages.  Of course we cannot forget one of the important things in Taiwanese culture! Taiwan Beer was the fuel that also kept the guests running throughout the night.

Taiwanese burger by 101 Taiwanese Cuisine. Photo by Peter Yang Zhao

Taiwan Beer. Photo by Peter Yang Zhao

Ty Ku Soju. Photo by Vincent Shih-chieh Wei

Jhentea. Photo by Corky Lee

Taiwanese fried chicken. Photo by Francis Latif

By the end of the night, “Hello Taiwan Rocks!” had successfully raised $10K!  Comptroller, John Liu, newly elected Congresswoman Grace Meng, newly elected Assemblyman Ron Kim and New York City Council member, Peter Koo‘s representative Thomas Chen  all attended the event in support of raising funds for victims of Hurricane Sandy. The Breezy Point firemen, who were the first responders at the 9/11 terrorist attack, many of them are victims of the Hurricane Sandy. Their houses were burned down and now they are homeless.  Fire Chief during 9-11 recover Mr. Daniel Nigro expressed his gratitude toward Taiwanese community and sent two firefighters, Lieutenant Timothy Keenan and Firefighter Eric Vanzanten, to attend and accept the donation of $10,000 in support of and recovery from Hurricane Sandy.

Lieutenant Timothy Keenan and Firefighter Eric Vanzanten Accept the Donation for Hurricane Sandy. Photo by Peter Yang Zhao

Comptroller John Liu. Photo by Peter Yang Zhao

Congresswoman Grace Meng and Assemblyman Ron Kim. Photo by Peter Yang Zhao

“Hello Taiwan Rocks!” night was an absolute success in that it was hosted for not only a meaningful cause but guests also enjoyed themselves from the performances, drinks and food, and simply spending the Saturday night with amazing people!

Photo by Peter Yang Zhao

Photo by Peter Yang Zhao

Lieutenant Timothy Keenan & wife Lisa Nigro-Keenan, and Firefighter Eric Vanzanten & wife Lori Morgan with AsianInNY Founders. Photo by Francis Latif

Sponsors: Taiwan Beer, Ty Ku, 101 Taiwanese Cuisine, Amerasia Bank, Crystal Window & Door Systems, Queens Crossing, Jhentea, JOA Production, Taipei Cultural Center of TECO in New York and ROC (Taiwan) Overseas Community Affairs Council.

Participating groups: North America Taiwanese Women’s Association of New York, Taiwanese American Association of Greater New York, Taiwanese American Council of Greater New York, Taiwanese American Professionals of New York, Formosan Association for Public Affairs Young Professionals Group, Federation of Taiwanese Student Associations in New York, NYC Taiwanese & Taiwanese Friends Network, Association of Taiwanese Alumni in Greater New York and Taiwan Center.

If you would like to donate, you can write a check to TAC-GNY (tax deductible) or send a paypal to info@AsianInNY.com

For Annual Hello Taiwan Rocks! concert, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/HelloTaiwanRocks

Please follow us at www.facebook.com/AsianInNYFans for more event updates!

Photo by Vincent Shih-chieh Wei

Photo by Vincent Shihchieh Wei

Photo by Vincent Shihchieh Wei

AsianInNY donation booth. Photo by Peter Yang Zhao

Photo by Francis Latif

Photo by Peter Yang Zhao

Photo by Peter Yang Zhao

Photo by Peter Yang Zhao

Photo by Francis Latif

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