“Time for Taiwan” Campaign Displays on NYC Double Decker Buses for 101 Days

AsianInNY was invited by Taiwan Tourism New York to a special bus tour on June 19th in front of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York (TECO-NY) as Taiwan Tourism New York Unveils the “Temple Festival” design of Taiwan at New York’s Double-Decker Tour Bus and the campaign will run for 101 days!

Check out the NYC Double Decker Buses Route starting today. Taiwan Tourism’s advertising campaign will run 101 days starting from June 18th to Sep 26th. Now you will have chance to see the buses running in Manhattan.

In collaboration with “It’s Time for Taiwan” (旅行台灣就是現在) campaign, Taiwan Tourism Bureau New York (TTB NY) held a “Taiwan Tour Bus Departing from New York” kick-off event that included a luxurious tour bus around NYC, and a high-profile ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by business partners: Executive Director of the PATA New York Chapter, Simone Bassous; General Manager of China Airlines’ New York Branch Office, Steve Chang; General Manager of Eva Airways’ New York Operation, Benjamin Wang; Vice President of Pacific Holiday, Marta Visu; and Marketing Manager of Vector Media, Chris Serino.

The “Core of Culture” concept is the main theme and design for this year’s bus campaign. Within the core of the Taiwan culture is “Temple Festival” from which “Eight Infernal Generals” are selected as the most iconic figures to promote tourism. The promotion is expected to bring major brand awareness of Taiwan’s unique temple festival that will ultimately intrigue more travelers to visit Taiwan.

According to Thomas Chang, Director of Tourism Bureau New York, “Manhattan is a world-famous tourist destination, attracting over 50 million worldwide visitors each year. It’s crucial that we target this audience by having continuous advertising messages in front of them. The double-deck bus billboard concept gave us the perfect opportunity to showcase Taiwan and invite travelers to visit our beautiful island.”

Previously, TTBNY wrapped billboard on double-decker tour buses in the NYC Metropolitan District that generated positive feedbacks from the public and international tourists. In continuation of the successful campaign, TTBNY partnered with Vector Media to design the largest double-decker tour bus promotion this year by wrapping the billboard to fit three double-decker buses. The gigantic billboard tour buses will travel to popular attractions in Manhattan, where many tourists gather, such as the Empire State Building, Times Square and Central Park. The constant messaging of the three double-decker buses from June 18 to September 26 will create even more publicity for Taiwan, and encourage the public and international tourists to visit Taiwan.

In addition to the three double-decker bus campaign, TTBNY is planning to launch a series of many large-scale promotional campaigns with the support from its business partners, airlines and general public. During the campaign, Taiwan Tourism Bureau New York created a facebook.com promotion page for consumers to win New York Mets Tickets, Taiwan Tee shirts and more. To win, consumers need to submit their photos of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau double-decker buses cruising around NYC to Facebook.com/taiwantourism. For more information and official rules, please log onto Facebook.com/taiwantourism.

For more information on major travel agencies and Taiwan Tourism Bureau, please log on http://taiwan.net.tw/

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