The 7th Annual Asia Week New York

By Alice Chin

The 7th annual Asia Week New York (March 10 – March 19), which is free and open to the public, is when 45 top-tier international galleries from Belgium, England, France, Germany, Italy Japan, Korea Switzerland, and the U.S. converge here to present millions of dollars worth of rare treasures from the Far East.

It’s become an annual tradition for me to join the Asia Week press tour. I find it an immense pleasure to soak in a tiny amount of the vast knowledge that the dealers share with us about amazing pieces of art/antiques. I really find the stories behind the antiques so compelling and wish I had more time to delve into it. Anyhow, here are some highlights from my day. I plan to visit some galleries since I only visited about 20 galleries this time. This year the pieces that really etched a place in my mind were the myriad of memorable faces, extraordinary human physiques, and unique forms with beautiful textures, shapes, and colors.

Galleries mentioned in article listed below. For full list of galleries, visit

Berwald Oriental Art 3 East 66th Street, 8B
Buddhist Art 29 East 72nd Street, Arader Gallery
Carlo Cristi 33 East 68th Street, Leslie Feely Fine Art, 5th floor
Carlton Rochell 121 East 71st Street
Dalton Somare 27 East 67th Street, 2nd floor
Erik Thomsen 23 East 67th Street, 4th fl.
Gisèle Croës 980 Madison Avenue, at 77th St.
Hiroshi Yanagi 1016 Madison Avenue (bet.78&79)
Joan Mirviss 39 East 78th Street, 4th floor
Kapoor Galleries 34 East 67th Street, 3rd floor
Nancy Weiner Gallery 49 East 74th Street, 2A
Nicholas Grindley 17 East 76th Street, Hazlitt Gooden & Fox
Phoenix Ancient Art 47 East 66th St.
Sue Ollemans 23 East 73rd Street, 7th floor
Walter Arader 1016 Madison Avenue (bet.78&79)
Zetterquist Galleries 3 East 66th Street, 1st floor

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