NYCCC presents 39th Annual Dance to China Student Recital

By Bak Keung Ko

New York Chinese Cultural Center (NYCCC) has done it once again! Since its inception in 1973, the organization has had thirty eight successful student recitals in esteemed public locations such as BMCC’s Tribeca Performing Arts Center or NYU’s Skirball Performing Arts Center.

This past Sunday (06/23/2013, 2PM) marked its 39th student recital where dance students displayed their talents, dedication and hard work. What makes NYCCC unique is that it covers all aspects of dance culture, including but not limited to, Chinese dance, Mongolian dance, ballet, Uygur dance, lion dance, acrobatics, Korean dance, Tibetan dance and more! In three hours, dancers demonstrated varying acts which complemented songs originating from Chinese opera, pop, folk, and other Asian music mediums. Thanks to 12 distinguished dance instructors with diverse backgrounds, students are able to learn the intricacies of Asian culture, most notably Chinese culture. The tranquil movement with soothing music from each dance made the recital a great opportunity for all to experience Chinese dance.

Did You Know?
Fact: Some alumni come back to NYCCC to serve as board members and/or staff to continue the tradition that was started about 40 years ago. The current school director, Bei Bei Gu, first performed under NYCCC 27 years ago with her fellow dancers. At that time, the group was no more than 20 students. Today, NYCCC holds multiple classes, each with its own small group of students.

NYCCC director Cathy Hung

Fact: Many of NYCCC’s students are long-term members. Starting at an age of 2, boys and girls are enrolled in the dance school to foster a sense of Asian culture tradition. Many students grow up together while attending weekend Saturday and Sunday dance schools which allows them to form everlasting familial bonds. Around the age of 17, students graduate from the school.

Seven students (ages 17) graduate this summer from NYCCC and will go onto college in the fall.

If you missed the recital this past weekend, don’t fret! NYCCC will be performing on Summer Stage throughout the month of July. Next year will also mark the 40th anniversary of the Dance to China recital.

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