6th Annual Vocal Competition Contest

Article By Keen Lee

Photo by DAI BING

On Sunday, October 21st, the New Tang Dynasty Television hosted the 6th International Vocal Competition Concert which was held at Carnegie Hall’s Stern Auditorium. The concert presented rising stars from around the world, in which AsianInNY had the pleasure of attending.

These talented stars come from seventeen countries to perform for a supportive audience, with a guest appearance by Marcello Giordani who is known as “the greatest leading tenor of his generation”. The following is the list of tenor and soprano singers in no particular order for the evening.

Marcello Giordani, Tenor

Every female performer walked out radiating the stage with their gorgeous and stunning gowns, but the moment they started to sing, they captivated the audience’s attention immediately. The male performers wowed the audience with their handsome looks, and powerful, compelling voices. Nonetheless, all the performers graced the stage with their beautiful and striking vocals.

Marianna Prizzon, Soprano

Shirley Wang, Soprano

Azusa Dodo, Soprano

It was my first time watching such an amazing and impressive performance of tenor and soprano vocalists. It was a great opportunity to see a majority of Asian tenor and soprano performers that night. I was blown away at such power in their voices and the character in each performer that were portrayed throughout the show. A distinct character was bestowed in each and every vocalist when they sang, which made each solo performance different from the last.

Winners from the competition are:
Gold: Mario Zhang (Chinese Canadian), Iaia Hanying Tso (Taiwan)
Silver: Markus Max Prodinger (Austria), Azusa Dodo (Japan)
Bronze: Cordelia Hanus (Germany), Jennifer O’Loughlin (USA), Tim Augustin (USA), Wei Han Tan (Malaysia)
Honorable Mentions: Liudmila Zhiltsova (Russia), Ngai-Tung Tiffany Lau (Hong Kong), Yun Cindy Zhang (Canada), Wen Yu Lin (Argentina), Zhi Zhang (China), Jeannie Chiang (Taiwan), Jamila Sockwell (USA).

Iaia Hanying Tso accepting Gold award

Mario Zhang accepting the Gold award.

Azusa Dodo & Markus Max Prodinger accepting the Silver award

It was difficult for me to predict who the winners were because I thought everyone sounded amazing. I can imagine how incredibly difficult it was to decide on the final winners out of all the contestants!

Towards the end of the concert, all the contestants from the seventeen countries entered the stage to sing and dance altogether to celebrate another successful international vocal competition concert of 2012. Marcello Giordani ended the performance with a final song, “La Traviata”. All the performers went home with flowers and were awarded at the end of the night. They all deserved the opportunity of performing Carneige Hall. I am looking forward to the 7th one!

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