Musician Wanting Qu on Tour at Gramercy Theatre NY

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Article by Ka Yee Chan
Photo credit GoodMoMusic

March 12, 2014, a rainy chilly night, but Wanting Qu boosted up the heat in the house of Gramercy Theatre along with Justin Morrell and Dani Atkinson. Did you guys get to see this amazing show and feel the heat and passions? Or for those who are not so familiar with Wanting, here is what you have to read:

Qu Wanting left China at the age of 16 to Canada, in order to get a degree in Business to make her mother proud, but found herself unhappy and unable to give up music. She writes her own songs, which speak about her and have great connections with everyone’s daily life and experiences.

Wanting describes herself:
“I am the most naked person on this planet when I sing my own songs. I am also the most vulnerable person on this planet when I finish singing my songs, because once the songs end, you can love me, or hate me.”

The concert at Gramercy Theatre was very down to earth. Wanting had direct conversations with the audience. Her band members were all her friends. It was almost like a music gathering with friends rather than an official concert.

The concert started with Justin Morrell and his band, and then Dani Atkinson and her guitarist. Lastly, Wanting and her band took the stage. Wanting sang many English songs, which are great for those who are not so familiar with Mandarin Chinese. A few Chinese songs were sang; of course including the famous “You Exist In My Song” that everyone was waiting to hear live.

Wanting is a girl that is friendly, hyper, funny, and passionate about her music. Those who went to the concert probably know exactly what I am talking about.

Those of you who missed it can get another chance to view her, because there are more shows coming up in San Francisco, Portland, and as well as Seattle, which is the last stop in North America.

Photo credit GoodMoMusic

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