Mayday Band Rocks the Night at Madison Square Garden

By Ka Yee Chan

Mayday (五月天), a Taiwanese rock band, heated up Madison Square Garden on Saturday night March 22. It is a band of five members, Ashin (vocalist), Monster (guitar), Stone (guitar), Masa (bass) and Guan You (drums). This year is their 15th anniversary. If you were a fan of them since you were young, you will stay a fan. If you just got dragged by your friend to see them, you would have turned into a fan after this show. This is how influential they are. Their passions for life and dreams is shown through their music that is delivered to everyone of different races, genders throughout the world, and that is their goal.

All of Mayday’s songs deliver a message. Their songs express themes about love, friendships, family, goals, and youth. The positive energy from them erased all the troublesome things in mind, and allowed the audience to enjoy the moment. During the whole concert everyone, of all ages, sang along and moved along with the rhythm. The five members tried their best in English to greet our New Yorkers. Their funny and friendly personalities made the atmosphere even warmer.

At a point during the concert, the members were upset with the situation right now in Taiwan. They are lost, but they are still trying their best to bring love and peace through their music to everyone. They brought many in the audience to tears, but at the same time gave a sense of motivation.

It was a concert that allowed you to feel like you could hold a stranger next to you without thinking about it; swinging arms together to enjoy the moment, to feel happiness. Mayday’s spirit charges you up with positive energy and motivates you to follow your dream.

This is a concert that cannot be explained as well by mere words.

Taiwanese American Association of New York

Taiwanese American Association of New York

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