Lorli Villanueva Concert: Simply Amazing!

Lorli Villanueva

By Keen Lee

On Friday, October 19th, actress Lorli Villanueva sang her heart out at her concert held at the Philippine Consulate in New York City. Lorli has done over 60 films during her career in Philippine cinema and was lead in at least half a dozen television shows aside from countless guest appearances in other television shows. AsianInNY was very honored to be invited to attend!

Lorli Vilanueva

Lorli Villanueva was simply amazing. Her powerful and timeless voice filled the room with love and humor throughout the night. It was a pleasure watching her perform because she had so much energy and personality. She sang classics that had the audience reminisce the past.

Lorli was not the only one who stole the spotlight. Three guitarists, who were also the “three rockers” according to Lorli, played along Lorli’s side and showed a lot of support for her. During Lorli’s break, these “three rockers” continued to play wonderfully and happily for the audience. Their songs put a smile on everyone’s faces as there were much joy in their music and I felt like that was much needed after a long and tiring week for everyone!

Lorli Villanueva with Sybil Santiago

Last but not least, Lorli’s daughter, Sybil Santiago, entered the stage with just as much power and soul in her voice as her mother had. Sybil was electrifying! Her singing gave me goosebumps and it definitely touched my heart. She sang two songs, where one of them was a cover of Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain”. Her cover blew me away. She sang just as great as Adele would but in her own style. I would have thought Sybil is the original singer for that song.

Comptroller John Liu

Comptroller John Liu attended the event and had the honor to speak at the Philippine Consulate, thanking Lorli Vilanueva and the other celebrities for performing and showcasing such amazing talent on this Friday night. Lorli is not only talented, she had a motherly ambiance in her. She spoke to us as if we were her children rather than merely a house full of adults. She told stories of where the music she sang originated from. It was a very informative and enjoyable performance.

The night seemed to have ended briefly because everyone was having a great time. Lorli and the ensemble concluded the night with a good-bye song, but all the audience including us did not want the night to end just yet. We can’t wait to hear Lorli to perform again!

Lorli Vilanueva

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