J-Summit: Fundraising Through Entertainment

By Michelle Xia

On September 1, 2013, talented young artists performed at the Bowery Electric to raise money for the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan nearly three years ago. On the night of the fundraiser, doors opened at 5:30PM and the Bowery Electric was packed. Performances were given while people made their donations to support the cause.

In 2011, Japan was severely hit with an earthquake known to be the fifth most powerful one in the world. After the deadly earthquake, the aftershock triggered a tsunami. The destructive combination of the earthquake and tsunami shook Japan as a nation and confirmed over 15,000 deaths and left the land in ruins. Nearly three years later, Japan has yet to be fully recovered from this natural disaster. J-Summit is one of the many organizations that continue to raise money to help those in Japan who have not gotten back on their feet.

The Bowery Electric had performers Aki, Lust, Red, Nicole Olivia, Iri, Nafsi Groove, and Sound Bee to help raise money for Japan. The crowd was entertained with the personal and cultural acts that not only celebrated the Japanese culture, but created a hopeful and cheery atmosphere. Singer and songwriter Shiho sang her song “Beautiful World” which was inspired by the Japanese disaster. Her song supports and gives hope to those suffering because of the earthquake. That night, Shiho planned on donating all of the proceedings from her CD sale to the relief in Japan.

J-Summit had a successful night filled with good music at the Bowery Electric. Make sure to be on the look out for their next event in October 20th and continue to support their efforts to help Japan!

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