Introducing “THE MOMENT” at the New York Hall of Science

From Left to Right : Ming Jer KUO, Luchia Meihua Lee, Dr. Lung Fong CHEN, Mary Record, C.J. YEH, Chemin HSIAO, Mennie Hsiu-Ying SHEN, HsiangLu MENG

By Rachel Fowler

When I think of the New York Hall of Science, the first thing I imagine is rocks, minerals and crazy experiments. This is the very first time Taiwanese American art council is being introduced at the NY Hall of science. I had the great opportunity to attend the press preview of “The Moment”. This exhibit includes 15 extraordinary work created by 14 amazing artists.”The Moment” exhibit is open to the public from Sunday August 9, through September 13,2015. All the pieces at the exhibit were AMAZING! there were a couple that really caught my attention.


Chemin HSIAO

Chemin HSIAO is a Taiwanese native who came to New York six years ago to pursue his education in art.. This narrative piece tells his story about coming to New York From Taiwan, called “My Journey to the West”. One of the things Chemin did when he first arrived to NY was draw whatever he saw on the subway. In this painting Chemin incorporates famous NY monuments.


Through color in Chemin’s painting, you can feel his transition to the west was not easy. It goes from dark to light, Chemin said “When I first came to NY I felt it was a dark place”. The dark portraying the beginning of his journey. A little bit of history is also shown in this piece. Chien-Ming Wang, who is painted in this piece is the fourth major league player from Taiwan. He made a great impact playing for the New York Yankees. HSAIO adapts the famous Chinese story “The Monkey King” in his painting to portray his journey. The monkey king, pig and sandman all symbolize Chemin’s growth during his journey.


Hsianglu Meng

Hsianglu Meng created a structure that stands 9 feet tall. Meng was inspired by her transition to the states. It portrays society as a structure. Meng believes we’re all different but have many similarities. The structures flows like society, it is not fixed. From afar it looks like tiny dots covering this structure, but once you look closely.


Ming Jer Kuo

Look up and tell me what you see. This installation was created by Ming Jer Kuo. It is an aerial view of suburban houses in New Jersey. When viewed up close you can see the detail of this piece, houses, cars, etc. It is a way of showing how human beings are apart of nature.


Mennie Hsiu-Ying Shen

Mennie Hsiu-Ying Shen portrays the special meaning of writing though mixed media digital installation. Writing a letter is a special form of communication, which can be taken advantaged by smartphones and social media. This piece shows the importance of writing, it still has great value and power.

When you write a letter in front of the installation it creates a pattern. The censor captures the handwriting data. It analyze the data and hand strokes to create a pattern. Each pattern varies, all patterns are not the same. As a writer I thought this installation was very interesting. The advancement in writing helped shape not only America but the entire world.


Names of Artists who are not pictured:

Chin Pao CHEN – Circumgyration

Yu-Ting FENG- Dear Deer

Scottie HUANG- Portrait of a Dandelion

Daniel LEE- ORIGIN (1999-2003)


Amy ChingChun WEN- SENSES

Chin Chih YANG- Enduring Love

Rosalie YU- Skin Deep (2014-2015)

“The Moment” at NYSCI is now available for viewing from August 9 to September 13, 2015. Admission is free with a general museum admission.

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