CHOI-TIAN: Powerful, Fierce and Surprisingly Impressive

By Keen Hung Lee

The Taiwan Cultural performance, CHOI-TIAN, that was held on Friday, August 3rd, at Lincoln Center Outdoors took my breath away with the performers’ powerful and fierce drumming routines, and astounding parades of the gods, dancers and performers on stage.

I witnessed so much hard-work, passion and dedication from these young and extremely talented performers in such a short amount of time, which is all that the audience needed to know how spectacular of a show it was. The costumes and choreography were simply beautiful and effortless. The performers did not seem like they were performing, but having fun, which made it even more enjoyable to watch.

I really enjoyed the roaring sights and sounds of these performances while sitting on the grass in the cool, beautiful summer weather. The drumming left me amazed because of so much energy and power that were thrown into it. It was nothing else like I heard before. It is rare and difficult to catch such an amazing group that traveled across the globe to perform a one-hour show in the states, and I am glad that I got the opportunity to watch CHOI-TIAN live at Lincoln Center. Though many have missed out on this chance to watch CHOI-TIAN perform live, I believe it is worth traveling across the globe to Taiwan to watch their performance myself.

On Saturday Aug 4th, CHOI-TIAN was invited by NY Summer Street to perform at Foley Square and the performance was great especially the parade the group did after the performance with 50 bike riders showing off the Taiwan sign.  How impressive is that!  It was a very intensive 2 day performance schedule and I wish CHOI-TIAN could have stayed longer.  NY welcomes CHOI-TIAN back anytime!

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