Asia Week New York 2013 Press Walk: Part II

By Alice Chin

Held annually in March, Asia Week New York has become a must-visit destination for Asian art collectors, curators, interior designers and aficionados from across the globe. The 2013 edition, which takes place from March 15 through 23, features exhibitions, auctions and programs presented by 43 leading international Asian art specialists, five major auction houses and 17 world-renowned museums and Asian cultural institutions throughout the metropolitan region. Asia Week New York 2013 kicks off with Press Walk on March 13.

Turban Ornament (Turrah), Northern India Lucknow, Gold on a lac core enamelled ands et with diamonds in gold and silver kundan with threaded seed pearls and tumbled emeralds.

Korean gold earrings from the Shilla Dynasty (6th -7th century)

Sue Ollemans
Valentina Gallery
960 Madison Avenue, 3rd Fl, at 75th Street

Sue specializes in Mughal and antique Gold Indian jewellery and antique gold articles from China and South East India. Stunning pieces include a golden Turban Ornament set with diamonds and threaded with seed pearls and tumbled emeralds, and a Chaupad set, which was a dice game set for Indian aristocracy.

Martha Sutherland

M. Sutherland Fine Arts, Ltd
Chinese Abstraction
55 East 80th St., 2nd Floor

Principal Martha Sutherland, who was educated at Princeton as an art historian and who speaks fluent Mandarin, is deep reservoir of knowledge about Chinese culture and contemporary art, and has longstanding relationships with many of today’s renowned Chinese artists. This year’s exhibit includes works by different artists with varied backgrounds and using artistic mediums.

Zhu Jinshi

Zhu Jinshi, from Beijing, who was a factory worker in the 1970, was influenced by Western abstract oil paintings and was trained in Berlin. Mr. Zhu was part of the first influential avante-garde group of artists after the Cultural Revolution, the “Stars Group” (Xing Xing).

Zhu Dao Ping, a prolific and respected painter born in Zhejiang, China, is the current President of Nanjing Academy of Calligraphy & Painting.

Zhu Dao Ping, a prolific and respected painter born in Zhejiang, China, is the current President of Nanjing Academy of Calligraphy & Painting.

Hai Tao, Shindig (2005)

Lesley Kehoe Exhibit
Contemporary Japanese art
Fuller Bld, 41 East 57th Street, 5th Floor

Lesley Kehoe has a range of art work including lacquerware, jewelry made with washi or Japanese Mulberry and also Contemporary screen artist, Maio Motoko.

刻Koku Fleeting Moments Maio Motoko 2011

A13 fold screen of graduating panels. It is a both a painting and an object – a bewitchingly ambivalent form. You don’t completely partition a room, but rather capture the fleeting mood of a moment and enjoy the imperceptible sound of it vanishing.

Screen by Maio Motoko

Screen by Maio Motoko

Scholten Japanese Art
145 West 58th Street, 6D

We ended the night at Scholten Japanese Art, which was fitting since the theme of Scholten’s exhibit is nightlife. A highlight of the exhibit was small-format six-panel screen that depicts the famous female shrine dancer Izumo no Okuni who is credited with originating the kabuki theater (which later became restricted to male actors only) in Kyoto. Okuni created a hugely popular to to raise money for the temple. The risque show, which was scandalous because of the cross dressing (Okuni dressed as a samurai) was soon imitated by female prostitutes and the government quickly banned women from performing kabuki.

A screen depicting the founder of Kabuki, Okinomo Kabuki performing on stage.

Keisai Eisen (1790-1848) Eight Favorite Things in the Modern World: Theater, A young girl holding a shuttlecock and badminton racquet.

Utagawa Kunisada (Toyokuni III, 1786 -1865) Beauty Walking in Snow


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