America’s Got Talent: Kenichi Ebina & Mitsi Dancing School

By William Kustiono

On August 7th 2013, we have the week three quarterfinal results for “America’s Got Talent” at Radio City Music Hall, New York. “America’s Got Talent” is a talent show that welcomes all talents including dancers, magicians, comedians, singers, and other performers of all ages to compete for the prize of one million dollars. We have twelve contestants in this Quarterfinal: Week 3, only four of them will proceed to the next stage. These twelve contestants are AeroSphere Aerial Balloon Show, Mitsi Dancing School, Kelsey and Bailey, Brandon & Savannah, Illusionist Leon Etienne and Romy Low, Deanna DellaCioppa, David “The Cobra Kid” Weathers, Jim Meskimen, Chicago Boyz, Jonathan Allen, American Military Spouses Choir, and Kenichi Ebina. From these twelve contestants, we have two Asian contestants: The Mitsi Dancing School and Kenichi Ebina.

The Mitsi Dancing School is a Chinese folk dance group formed in 1984. It has developed a legacy for producing outstanding dancers with accuracy and versatility to excel in every type of dance aspects. They have a clear understanding of classical ballet and Chinese dance terminology, high speed learning ability, best performance ability in facial expressions and movements, and are passionate in the Chinese culture and the art of dance. Mitsi Dancing School’s company, Dance of Asian America (DAA), is the only non-profit Chinese dance company in Houston. DAA and Mitsi Dancing School has performed and received training from the top nationally ranked dancers of the Beijing Dance Company, Shanghai Dance Company, China’s National Song, and Dance Troupe from Houston.

Mitsi Dancing School is electrifying “America’s Got Talent” with their precision dance movement and their “Thousand Hands Goddess Dance” are amazing, their performances are beyond the scale and they have a high degree of precision movement that captivates the audience. This dance group should be recognized as a high talented dance group.

Kenichi Ebina is a solo self-learner dance performer. He started out dancing freestyle hip-hop and trained himself in mime, house, jazz, contemporary, and ethnic dance. He has a great understanding and knowledge on dance movements and choreography. Kenichi founded a dance group with all Japanese dancers in 2001. This group, BiTriP, has won in the final grand championship of “Amateur Night” at the world famous Appolo Theater in 2001 as the first and only Japanese performer. Kenichi also appeared in the contest of “Showtime at the Appolo” and was acclaimed the only two-time grand champion in the Appolo theater history. Kenichi has traveled the states and the world performing at many events and TV shows to enrich his knowledge and teach people about dance.

Kenichi surprised the whole audience and judges on his performance on “America’s Got Talent” as a game character at the stage. Kenichi shows that his robotic moves create the visual of a live video game character. His character starts at Stage 1, traveling the jungle. He comes across jungle ninjas, swims through the ocean, and must defeat a flame-breathing dancer and a neon-helmet speed racer. He astounds the judges, especially Judge Heidi Klum, because every single scene was choreographed by Kenichi himself. The jungle ninjas, the flame-breathing dancer, and the neon-helmet character are none other than Kenichi. His work is really remarkable, even Judge Howard Stern commented on how they are purely genius and brilliant.

At the end of the result show, the four contestants that moved on to the semifinal are the Chicago Boyz, American Military Spouses Choir, Jonathan Allen, and Kenichi Ebina. We wish them the best of luck in their semifinal stage and have fun. Congratulations Kenichi!

Check it out the amazing performance by Kenichi!

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