A “Trip of Love” hits the Off-Broadway Stage

By Tatiana Ho

Off-Broadway play titled “A Trip of Love”, takes viewers to the 1960’s through popular song and dance. The Top 40 hits of the 1960’s, accompanied by star studded choreography, lit up the stage as the story unfolded before the audience’s eyes. Japanese producer Makoto Deguchi made sure to take the off-Broadway play with him to Osaka, Japan, where the show first premiered. Deguchi is overjoyed with the display of American 1960’s culture that was morphed into the 2 hour play:

“The songs audiences will hear and the dances they will find themselves watching are nothing short of spectacular, and I am thrilled to bring this giant of a show to the Little Shubert Theatre…”

The story line, told by only dance numbers and song, follows six separate characters that hold very different paths in life. The show features themes such as the empowerment of women, anti-war protests, the mass draft of men for the Vietnam war, and people following their dreams to hit the big screen. The clash of history with theater may be lost on some who don’t know about American 1960 history, but will still have the awestrucken effect it has on even the most knowledgeable citizens.

Different from most Broadway musicals, “A Trip of Love” does not use a script. Instead, the play takes a unique turn of storytelling through carefully handpicked 1960 classics to keep the audience informed. The play starts off light-hearted, but takes a darker turn as it goes on; a chronological presentation of the events within the 60’s era.

For more mature audiences, the play displays a sophisticated view of the “hippie era” that is presented in bright colors and a neon lit stage. “A Trip of Love” is currently being played at Stage 42 in downtown Manhattan, starting on October 18, 2015 and ending on September 4, 2016.

To buy tickets go to: http://tripoflove.com/


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