88 Pianos: Sing for Hope

Cristiana Pegoraro, Pianist and Composer

Article by William Kustiono
Edited by Yvonne Lo

June 16, 2013 was the last day for the Sing for Hope festival. At this festival, there were 88 pianos laid out near the water fountain in front of the Metropolitan Opera. More than 100 artists were selected to customize the 88 pianos.

sing for hope

Sing for Hope festival was founded in 2006 by Camille Zamora and Monica Yunus. They are internationally acclaimed sopranos. Camille and Monica belief in the power of arts to transform communities in need established Sing for Hope as a resource for artists who want to engage local communities.

Schmitty The Weather Dog with Meteorologist Ron Trotta

This year Sing of Hope lasted from June 1st to June 16th. The pianos were placed in parks and public areas throughout the five boroughs for everyone to enjoy. Chobani Inc. was a proud sponsor for Sing for Hope festival. Chobani Inc. sells America’s No.1 selling Greek Yogurt brand, Chobani Greek Yogurt. During the end of the festival on June 16, 2013, the 88 pianos were brought together for a day.

After the event concluded, Sing for Hope donated each piano to unfit local schools, healthcare facilities, or community organizations. Celebrities such as Cristiana Pegoraro, Schmitty the Weather Dog with Meteorologist Ron Trotta, and Hamdi Ulukaya made an appearance.

For more, please visit: singforhope.org

Hamdi Ulukaya, CEO and the Founder of Chobani, Inc

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