Tom and Toon Restaurant – A Hidden Jewel at Times Square

Upon entering Tom & Toon, you may notice the modern decor and artwork, which are accentuated by elegant lighting and touches of Thai-inspired flair.  Tom and Toon is located at 241 West 51 St., NY in the heart of the theater district.

However, do not let the sleek interior mislead you as this local gem is pulsing with soul and substance. This sense of authenticity is largely embodied by Ms. Toon herself. As co-owner, she is on hand each day to oversee the daily affairs of the restaurant. She’s like a Thai auntie in midtown who can’t wait to welcome you in and feed you some good food from her kitchen.

The menu can be described as a combination of 30% Thai and 70% American cuisine. With dishes offering a range of flavor profiles, there is something to be had for every palate and appetite.

The Thai selections are light, flavorful and beautifully presented. In particular, the spicy duck salad presents a complex and refreshing array of flavors that demand full attention. Just as tasty is the ahi tuna salad, which has a nutty sesame finish. Another highlight among the Thai offerings is the pad thai, which is listed in the “Comfort Foods” section of the menu. Though not uncommon in Thai cuisine, Tom & Toon’s pad thai sets itself apart with its lightness and pure kick of flavor. There is not a hint of excess grease or heaviness in the dish. It’s also worth noting that Ms. Toon lovingly prepares every plate of pad thai herself. How’s that for authentic?

The American portion of the menu offers simple and hearty fare. Some of the tastiest dishes are the most straightforward. Though diners might be tempted to pass over the humble bacon cheeseburger for the more adventurous options, Tom & Toon’s version is juicy, jumbo-sized and easily stands up against New York’s finest burger joints. Also noteworthy is the perfectly cooked and generously portioned double thick pork chop, which was characterized by one diner as “fit for a viking”.

The restaurant’s the dessert selections showcase beautiful restraint and do not suffer from the common problem of being overly sweet. Highly recommended is the chocolate banana pudding, which is served warm and gooey. Elaborate cocktail offerings accompany meals and are colorful, tasty and brimming with fresh fruit. A standout is the lycee mojito.

Beyond decor and menu options, live entertainment certainly contributes to the overall dining experience. AsianInNY’s evening in particular was accompanied by the songs and sounds of a talented singer/pianist. Diners were also delighted by an energetic bartender who was ready to jump on stage for an impromptu duet at any given moment. The lively and attentive staff along with the tasty food and Ms. Toon herself certainly created a sense of warmth and community that’s really quite beautiful (and delicious).

Tom and Toon is located at 241 West 51 St., NY in the heart of the theater district.


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