Sushi by the Shore at Caesar Atlantic City: the Souzai Sushi and Sake

Article by Ka Yee Chan
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The Souzai Sushi and Sake is located on level 3 of the Pier Shops at Caesars One Atlantic Ocean. If you are looking for a nice spot at Caesars to catch up with your friends, this is definitely a place you should look into. This restaurant is surrounded by frameless windows where you can get natural sunlight and phenomenal views of the shore.

Corporate chef Paul Drew

Chef Paul Drew of Souzai Sushi and Sake was originally from England. He was one of the first five boys of his school to study cooking. He started cooking when he was fourteen. He graduated from High school at sixteen, and started working at some small hotels and restaurants in London. In 1980, he opened up the kitchen in the Dickens Inn in Philadelphia. Then in 1984, he landed in Atlantic City. At Caesars, Chef Paul is in charge of both Phillips Seafood restaurant and Souzai Sushi and Sake. He also recently got promoted as the corporate chef. Chef Paul has a constant goal of creating unique dishes and working with his team to wow his customers.

Souzai Dragon

There are so many delicious rolls, dishes, and drinks on the menu. Let’s start with the signature cocktail, Souzai Dragon. The cocktail has beautiful sunset colors, such as orange at the bottom, which gradually fades into yellow. It is a cocktail that consist of light rum, dark rum, amaretto, orange juice, and pineapple juice. The cocktail leans more toward the sweet side. It is light and easy to drink, which is best to pair with sushi.

Dragon Roll

Dragon Roll, as its name, is like a dragon. Usually, we see unagi placed on top of a ball of Japanese rice or inside a roll. However, the Dragon Roll of Souzai is unagi on top of a California roll. Full of ingredients in the base, with the freshness and sweetness of the unagi, are what really make up the Dragon Roll.

Crispy Kanikama Shrimp Roll

The Crispy Kanikama Shrimp Roll has such elegant and delicate looks, and strands of crapsticks topped on the roll with some tempura flakes and eel sauce. Inside the roll, there are shrimp tempura, avocado and cucumber. This roll is relatively light, which is great as a starter, or if you want something light in the day.

Japanese Hoagie

Japanese Hoagie is definitely the volume roll. The roll consists of spicy blue crab, shrimp tempura, tuna, cucumber, avocado with spicy mayo, and eel sauce. A Japanese Hoagie roll can fill up your mouth, but it is not too heavy. It has a great balance between meat (seafood) and vegetable. The crunchy cucumber definitely added some fresh texture to this roll.

Souzai Sushi and Sake consists of great tastes, a great view, and very generous portions. There are so many creative and signature rolls, dishes and drinks on the menu. If I continued, this article would never end. Why don’t you go, and try it yourself? For more information, please visit,

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