The Boba Guys Grand Opening

By Jazmin Justo

Within the narrow streets and small crowded shops of Delancey Street, the new BOBA GUYS shop opened its doors to a burst of NYC bubble tea fans. Located in between East Houston St and Clinton Street, Boba Guys is snug in between a chocolate shop and ramen shop.

The Boba Guys started off as a small popup event in San Francisco, California by two bubble tea enthusiasts Andrew and Bin. After their favorite bubble tea shop closed down, the two friends binged watched how-to videos and experimented. Throughout the process, the two friends discovered more than just making delicious bubble tea. They also discovered their passion in wanting to break cultural barriers through their bubble tea. As they hosted more pop up events, they began to focus on creating high quality bubble tea with high quality ingredients and soon gathered a large customer base which motivated the duo to open up a boba business.

Now for the first time, the Boba Guys are sharing their high quality bubble tea with their fans in the east coast! When first entering the cozy small space, there is an open air kitchen and a friendly cashier with a menu that lists the ingredients and teas used in each drink. Each drink is customizable to the consumer’s preference. People can choose between Battenkill Valley milk, Califia Farms almond milk, and soy milk. People can also choose between grade A tapioca balls, homemade almond jelly and homemade grass jelly. Plus the sweetness level and ice can be adjusted to ones taste. As a bonus, customers who like to sip their afternoon wine, can now enjoy it in three distinct bubble tea drinks; the horchata with organic sake, jasmine milk tea with vodka, and classic milk tea with Baileys. All drinks can be mix and matched to one’s taste. What is also good to know that every ingredient used is deliberately intended to be nutritious, healthy and filling for the average price between $4 to $4.50 for a 16 oz drink.

I personally tried the famous horchata bubble tea. Horchata is originally a Mexican drink that consists a thick blend of rice milk, cinnamon, almonds and hazelnuts. The perk with the drink is that a right balance of all ingredients so it doesn‘t become too overwhelming of one flavor. The Boba Guys are able to achieve this balance very well. You are able to taste the cinnamon, the nutty flavor and the with the tapioca balls, it adds a natural sweetness and tender texture. What is also satisfying that the mixture doesn’t separate and doesn‘t need a constant stirring. While enjoying the festive ambience, the horchata sake blend proved to be very popular amongst the crowd while the jasmine green tea came in second. Many agreed that the drinks had a natural sweetness and the drinks were wholesome and rich that many ordered seconds. Another perk is the delicious matcha pie and sweet potato pie that complimented the drinks.

I would highly recommend the Boba Guys because anyone with lactose intolerance or special dietary can choose from a wider variety of options without having to compromise. Vegans and people seeking healthier drink choices can find nutritional benefits from the Boba Guys various tea options. Overall the Boba Guys have truly broke down barriers by creating a high quality drink that is affordable and healthful for everyone to enjoy.

Check out their website at or stop by their shop at 23 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002.

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