Taste Asia 2014 at Times Square

Article by Pui See Tsang
Photo credit Xue Liang

Taste Asia, a month and a half-long celebration of Asian culinary culture, was set to culminate in a fun-filled food festival in Times Square on June 25th – 26th. The two-day event featured Asian music, dance, cooking and food preparation demonstrations on the first day, and the final round of New Tang Dynasty Television’s 6th International Chinese Culinary Competition on the second day.

On June 25th, the food tasting booths were opened to the public at 11 A.M. Starting at noon, Asian celebrity chefs and performing artists from a range of Asian cultures performed on Taste Asia’s center stage.

The performances started at 11 A.M. and ended at 10 P.M. Some highlights included the Mukthambar Fine Arts Dance Group and Trinayan Dance Company from India, a Japanese Taiko drum performance, traditional Korean dance and music and a dumpling eating contest.

Also included were various cooking demonstrations showing how to make delicacies such as Japanese soba noodles, Taiwan Hakka “muaji” and Chinese and Korean hand-pulled noodles.

On June 26th, finalists from around the world fired up their woks to compete for gold in NTD Television’s 6th International Chinese Culinary Competition. Spectators got a chance to taste signature dishes from China’s five most beloved cuisines: Sichuan, Cantonese, Shandong, Huaiyang, and Northeastern style.

Takeru Kobayashi is the world’s greatest competitive eater – known for his eating abilities (especially hot dogs) also attended the opening ceremony of Taste Asia.

Takeru Kobayashi

The event was a great success and we truly enjoyed the food festival. Looking for to the next year!

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