Take a Step into the Culinary World of Fusion Asian Cuisine at Sachi

Article by Linda Nguyen
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Sachi is a new Asian Bistro located in Murray Hill. The menu created by Pichet Ong (Multiple James Beard Award Nominee & Culinary Consultant) and Andy Yang (Creator of Rhong-Tiam, the 1st Thai restaurant to receive a Michelin Star) provides a taste of Asia with an upscale interpretation of classic Asian street foods, sashimi and sushi.

The menu shows influences and inspiration from various Asian countries (China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam) and is designed to be shared family style. Sachi’s drink menu includes specialty cocktails, sake, red, white and plum wines & beer that compliment the unique dishes offered.

AsianInNY was able to taste some of Sachi’s menu items and drinks:

Dim Sum

Our favorite Dim Sum dish! The Spring rolls were crispy on the outside and moist inside
MUSHROOM SPRING ROLLS (Enoki, oyster, shiitake, carrot)

CRAB SHUMAI (Shrimp, pork, mushroom, water chestnut, soybean)

Such colorful decorations!
MUSHROOM DUMPLINGS (Enoki, oyster, ohiitake, soy bean)

It’s like a Charsui Bao with the added bonus of duck!
CHARSUI DUCK BUN (Duck, shallots & BBQ marmalade)


OINK OINK OINK FRIED RICE (Black rice, pork belly, sausage, Chinese sausage, scallion, egg)

LION HEAD MEATBALLS (Pork, Chinese cabbage, Asian green, sweet potato)

LEMONGRASS POUSSIN (Galangal, Asian herbs, black rice pilaf)

Dan Dan Mien is a comfort food and the added duck gives it an upscale touch.
DAN DAN DUCK RAMEN (Tofu, celery, spicy ragu, duck crackling, Sichuan peppercorn sauce)


SUSHI & SASHIMI PLATTER (Chef’s choice of assorted sushi and sashimi)

Special Rolls

BREAKFAST FUTOMAKI (Salmon, egg omelet, cream cheese, red onion, soy paper, salmon skin, ikura, kobayaki eel sauce)

T.N.T (Blue crab, crunchy spicy tuna, mango chutney)

*Shaken and served over ice

VELVET SLIPPER (Vodka, fresh lychee purée, Dry Fino Sherry, Creme de Cassis, fresh pressed lemon juice, lemon oils)

Matcha Green Tea flavor food, drink and desserts are in trend and this drink was very good!
THE JADE LANTERN (Vodka, Matcha green tea, fresh pressed lemon juice, fresh mint leaves, and a touch of sweetness)

Sachi is located at 713 2nd Ave, New York, New York 10016. For more info: www.sachinyc.com.

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