PAN Korean Pub & Restaurant is FUN

Article by William Kustiono
Photos by Niko

In the middle of summer 2013, PAN Korean restaurant celebrated their grand opening at 13 St. Marks Place, East Village. PAN is famous for their Pojangmacha, where they were located in K-town before relocating to East Village. Pojangmacha is a street stall type of restaurant in South Korea that sell a variety of popular street foods such as gimbap, tteokbokki, sundae, odeng, and anju. The word “Pojangmacha” literally means “covered wagon” in Korean. PAN is also famously known for its heavy usage of pork in their food displays.

The ambiance in this restaurant is really nice, everything is simple and functional. They have a long wooden table in the middle of the room and small tables that sit for four on the sides. The ambiance is loud and energetic, like the typical Korean restaurant filled with young people.

Pork Feet

PAN’s signature dish is their Pork Feet, braised and sliced pork served with spicy pickled radishes and shrimp sauce that are tossed together. Delicious is the perfect word to describe this dish.

Pork Belly Confit

Pork Belly Confit

Up next is their mouthwatering dish, Pork Belly Confit. This delicious dish comes with fresh oysters, amorous sauces, and spicy pickled radish that are meant to be wrapped up with the cabbage. This pork belly is tasty and simple to gnaw in the mouth.

Pork Skin

Introducing their next dish, Broiled Pork Skin served with sesame. It has a chewy texture and is and a good eat. Perfect dish to start as an appetizer.


The Makgeolli, also known as the Korean Fermented Rice Wine cocktail, is a must-try drinking experience at PAN restaurant.

This place is great for lunch or dinner, especially during their grand opening month. They have a lunch special menu filled with exceptionally appealing and tasty food, a 15% off discount event on combo menu items, and other fun events. Hurry up and don’t miss this special event while it still lasts for this summer 2013.  For more, please visit:

Owner Jin Hong Roh

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