New York Knicks Star Steve Novak and Hot97 Welcome the New Premium McWraps

Article by Gai DaGai
Photo by Santiago A. Gomez Flor

McDonald just introduced a fresh new taste experience of Premium McWraps. The exclusive launch event was held in McDonald in Chelsea, where New York Knicks star Steve Novak and Hot97 made an amazing welcoming to the new Premium McWraps.

While walking into McDonalds, it wasn’t a regular McDonald’s restaurant anymore. It became the “Sweet Chili Chill Out Lounge.” Music lifted up the place and the crowd kept coming in. A free Premium McWrap was given upon order to any customer who came in (Limited 1 per customer).

Hot97 was hosting a “Let’s Wrap” rap competition where contestants would be able to take the mic and (w)rap to win a cash prize. Each new contestant created their own taste experience of the Premium McWrap through their lyrics.

Going upstairs will lead you to the amazing New York Knicks star Steve Novak. Here Steve Novak 3-pointed to his first Premium McWrap creation with the help of a McDonald employee.

The new Premium McWrap was filled with flavor and fresh ingredient such as, vegetables, chesses, tasty sauces, juicy chicken breast filet, and all wrapped up in a warm tortilla. The size of the Premium McWrap was a size to satisfy, you’re going to need both hands to eat it. The Premium McWrap came in a box, which is much better than the paper wrapping around a snack wrap. On the box was written instruction on how to open the box. This box was a great combination to the eating experience of Premium McWrap. Now that’s a Wrap.

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