Miss Korea: Korean BBQ for All

Miss Korea CEO Sophia Lee

Article By Linda Nguyen
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A modern day fairy tale unfolds as CEO Sophia Lee expands her restaurant empire. Once upon a time, a teacher from Korea came to America to be with her husband. One day, she saw someone take a bite of an apple and noticed their joy from eating food and it sparked an idea. An opportunity had appeared by chance and she opened her first restaurant, Shin Shun Korean Restaurant in New Jersey. This restaurant specializes in a Korean soup made from bone broth. Despite some struggles, the restaurant stands strong today. Four years later, she opened another restaurant, Shanghai Mong, in the heart of Koreatown (K-town), NYC’s fusion of Korean and Chinese cuisine. Following that, Miss Sophia Lee opened up Hana Michi, a restaurant that serves Japanese cuisine such as tonkatsu (pork cutlet) and sushi. Miss Lee’s most recent expansion on the block of West 32nd Street is Miss Korea.

Miss Korea CEO Sophia Lee

Miss Korea is a title with a double meaning. It is interpreted as “I Miss Korea” and “Miss Korea, the Beauty.” When writing letters and emails, Miss Sophia Lee’s friend included the words “I miss you” as a closing goodbye and inspired the restaurant’s name. Coincidentally, Miss Korea 2011, Lee Seon Hye has the same Korean name as the CEO.

The Korean BBQ Restaurant is made up of three floors, each with a different theme. The limited menu focuses on Korean BBQ. Meats on the menu include kalbi served in a clay pot, pork belly, and the recently added duck breast.

The newly opened second floor had its soft opening on August 6th. The second floor is a venue where you can hold private parties and a great place to meet and catch up with friends. The ambiance is sophisticated and warm at the same time. This floor has a prix-fixe menu you can choose from. The second floor is reminiscent of Miss Sophia Lee as she is a warm and family oriented person. As a “Mommy,” she treats her employees as if they were one big family.

The third floor has a glamorous and seductive ambiance, modeled after the famous Hwang Jin Hee (Hwang Jin Yi). She was a beautiful woman who seduced men with her beauty and talents. Miss Korea is among the likes of some famous celebrities such as Psy, JYP, The Wondergirls, Park Song Won, Seven and DJ Koo. When taking a trip to NYC’s K-town, be sure to stop by this restaurant for an experience to remember. 잘먹겠습니다(Jal-meok-kket-sseum-ni-da).

Kalbi Clay Pot

A must-try at Miss Korea is the Kalbi Clay Pot (Short Ribs marinated for 48hrs), one of the CEO’s favorite.

Manager Alice Lee

Miss Korea BBQ

A great summer dish: Naeng Myun Cold Nodles.

Naeng Myun Cold Nodles

A variety of healthy side dishes for you to enjoy.

Healthy side dishes

The attention to details with the dinnerware and plates are beautiful, decorative and modern!

Miss Korea: 10 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001. For more, please visit: www.misskoreabbq.com

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