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Article by Linda Nguyen
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New York City is a place infused with culture that translates into daily life from art, music to food. At 46 West 22nd Street, you will notice a newly opened restaurant that had a Grand Opening on February 27th. Chefs Brian Tsao (Former Chef of Liang’s & Telepan Restaurant) & Owen Wu (Former Chef of Nobu New York 57) join forces at Mira Sushi & Izakaya in Flatiron/Chelsea area and this is where the magic begins!

Walking into Mira Sushi & Izakaya, you will notice that the atmosphere is quite calm. With rock music playing lightly in the background, you’ll feel right at home. The dishes served here are a fusion of different Asian foods while incorporating American favorites.

This city is a hidden gem for talent and many people are multi-talented. Executive Chef Brian Tsao who graduated from the Culinary Institute of America was a musician before he became a Chef. The food that Chef Brian Tsao creates  reflects his mix background, having a Korean Mother and a Taiwanese Father. His food is based on the food that he grew up eating and those he experienced while traveling. The straightforward, bold and comforting flavors are inspired by street food such as those found at Night Markets. The recipes come from his mom and his Malaysian wife’s mom. Chef Brian likes to cook food that can be eaten everyday. For anyone who interested in trying Asian cuisine, fusion food is a good way to start.

The food menu at Mira Sushi & Izakaya, ranges from regular sushi, signature rolls, Yakitori skewers to specialties such as Beef Bulgogi Tacos and Spicy Wontons. With much excitement, the kind wait staff brought food to the table. First out was the Shiso Leaf Wrap that had vegetables, sesame powder and chili bean paste. It has a light and refreshing taste, a good starter.

Next was the Crispy Rice Sushi with Jalapeños, eel sauce and spicy mayo. This was my favorite of all the dishes served because who doesn’t like fried foods? The crispy texture is reminiscent of Japanese fried onigiri.

The Pork n’ Rice Cake Skillet with Berkshire minced pork, sesame oil and panko parmesan crust was quite a delight to eat. The fusion of rice cake cooked just right and the crispiness of the panko parmesan crust created a sensational taste. Food served in a skillet makes it three times cooler.

The Spicy Wontons with toasted sesame infused chili oil, sweet soy, garlic and scallions was mildly spicy, good for those of us who can’t take extreme heat.

The Beef Bulgogi Tacos with kimchi, scallions and toasted sesame, topped with slices of Asian pear was my second favorite dish. The mix of the crunchy shell and easy to chew ingredients makes this dish quite irresistible and one may probably be satisfied eating endless amounts of.

The Aburi Sushi Entrée (Salmon with Honey Dijon Mustard, Tuna with Onion Sauce, White Tuna with Yuzu Miso Sauce, Yellowtail with Avocado Sauce and Scallop with Sweet Aioli Sauce) was amazing. Pleasing to the eyes, the Sushi when eaten had a burst of freshness and flavor. The different sauces on top of the sushi kept you on your toes and when trying for the first time make you feel like a kid at the candy store.

The Teriyaki Chicken Bi Bim Bap with shitake mushrooms, sautéed vegetables, spicy bean paste and sunny-side up egg was nicely presented, almost picture perfect. The homemade sauce was a good addition to the already visually satisfying dish. This is a dish you would want to order every time and the smell was intoxicating.

The Honey Yuzu Chicken Wings was a light eat with minimal oil. The pickled daikon served along with the wings was pickled just right and was great for clearing the palette.

As a bonus to your comforting meal, there’s a dessert menu. The Honey Egg Tart with homemade tart shell, wildflower honey cream and fresh fruit had a refreshing taste and reminds you of the warmer weather to come.

The Coconut Panna Cotta with Green Tea Foam was a good ending to a wonderful meal. The bold flavor of the toasted coconut flakes and green tea foam was the cherry on top of this dessert.

There’s a large selection and variety of drinks you can choose from such as Wine, Soju, Sake, Coffee, Tea and Beer. Not to miss is the Happy Hour special!

Overall, the food presentation was aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and the flavors were very good. The food was light and not too heavy on the stomach. It’s a good fit for pairing with your choice of beverage whether it be tea, beer or wine. This restaurant is a good place to go to when you want to eat food that gives you a comforting feeling, when you want to relax with some friends or hang out after work. If you feel like jumping at the screen because of these drool worthy photos or happen to be in the area, Mira Sushi & Izakaya is a must try. Life is an adventure and adding food in addition to it makes it so much better. Bon Appetit!

left: Chef Brian Tsao, right: Sushi Chef Owen Wu

Also, check out this video of Chef Brian’s rocking his guitar for Thrillist.com! It would be exciting to see him play while enjoying all the amazing dishes!

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