Korean Food Foundation Presents The Pairing of Fermentation

Article by Monica Yimeng Geng

On Monday October 20th, Korean Food Foundation presented The Pairing of Fermentation, a Food and Cocktail Reception at Soju Haus restaurant in New York City. The purpose of this event was to promote Korean culture through fermentation-themed food and drink. Guests of all backgrounds, such as New York Times journalists, or national TV personalities, were invited to experience this traditional but also unique cultural exhibition.

Upon arrival, all guests were given a glass of traditional Korean rice wine called “Makgeolli”, which also happened to be the star of the evening. After a tiny sip, everyone was mesmerized by its beautiful aroma and smooth flavor. The chef then demonstrated the process of making Makgeolli cocktails step by step and some lucky guests had the opportunity to mix their own drinks. Because of Makgeolli’s unique ingredients and fermentation process, consuming a moderate amount is actually very beneficial to your health. This low-alcohol wine is known for increasing appetite as well as improving digestive system.

The side dishes at the event were specifically made to accommodate the taste of Makgeolli. These delicious bite-size snacks include seafood pancake, Kimchi pancake, and sweet potato fries, all served delicately on adorned platters. Besides using traditional Korean recipes, the chef of Soju Haus also incorporated modern western elements into his dishes. Thus every bite contained the taste of a mixed culture between the east and the west.

New York City is a melting pot, where people of all cultural backgrounds engage with one another. Events as such provide us the privilege to learn about cultural diversity from a more interesting, laidback, and delicious perspective. The effort of Korean Food Foundation is much appreciated.

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