GoGo Curry Fourth Restaurant Opening!

Tomoko Omori (President of GoGo Curry USA)

Article by Gai DaGai
Photos by David Qiu

April 25th 2013 was the grand opening of GoGo Curry’s fourth store in New York City. The restaurant specializes in “Kanazawa curry” from Ishikawa prefecture in Japan. “Curry is the comfort meal for Japanese.” And a mother’s curry is the best curry!

The first restaurant opened up in Times Square Location at 273 W 38th Street, the second restaurant opened in Washington Square Park Stadium at 231 Thompson Street, the third restaurant opened in World Trade Center Stadium at 12 John Street, and the fourth restaurant just opened in Chelsea Stadium at 144 W 19th Street.

To celebrate the grand opening of the fourth restaurant in Chelsea, GoGo Curry was serving single size curry for only “55 CENTS” and 5 free topping coupons! And to continue the celebration for the next three days Chelsea GoGo Curry will be serving single size Curry for only $5! (4/25/2013–4/28/2013)  At the grand opening the crowd filled the block of W 19th Street with students, business men and women, neighbors of W 19th street, and GoGo Curry fans. It was a busy day for GoGo Curry, but it left costumers leaving with a smile. One customer came out saying, “That was really good!”

May 5th, 2013 will be GoGo Curry Day, the Birthday of GoGo Curry. On this day in all four locations in Manhattan GoGo Curry will be selling any single size curry dishes for only $5 along with 5 free topping coupons. AND the 5th, 55th, 155th, 255th, 355th, 455th, and 555th customers of the day at each store will receive an original GoGo CURRY T-shirt!

And to continue the deals, GoGo Curry gives 1 free topping coupon on the 5th, 15th, and 25th of every month. The meaning behind the 5 is in Japanese “Go!” means 5. But the 5 also has a subtle meaning with baseball legend Hideki Matsui jersey number 55.

When you open the doors and enter in GoGo Curry, you will get a delight welcome from GoGo Curry’s employee. “Irasshaimase,” which means welcome in English. And after your purchase you will receive “Arigatou gozaimas,” which means Thank you very much in English.

David Qiu and I got to try two of the popular dishes in GoGo Curry, the Grand Slam and the Home Run Katsu. The Grand Slam is a power pack meal of both crispy pork and chicken katsu, white boiled egg, two crisp casing pork sausages, and savory shrimp tempura on top of their famous Kanazawa Curry over rice and sliced cabbage on the side. All that for a bargain of $12.50!

If that may be too much for you, the Home Run is the next biggest dish. It has everything that the Grand Slam has, but you only get either the crispy pork katsu or the chicken katsu, instead of both. Aslo it comes with less rice. And this dish goes for a great price of $9.50.

David and I have been long time fans of GoGo Curry. Their amazing Kanazawa Curry and those juice katsu for under $15, keep us coming back. We came in happy and we left GoGo-ing excited. We would also like to thank Tomoko Omori the President of GoGo Curry for letting us interview her and thank you AsianInNY for making this possible.

For more information check their website at http://www.gogocurryusa-ny.com
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