Belgian Chocolatier GODIVA Presents the Year of the Goat Collection

Article by Jazmin Justo

In order to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year, legendary Belgian chocolatier GODIVA has created the Year of the Goat collection. In this limited edition, the special chocolates are made from all natural organic ingredients to give their customers a delicious start to a healthy and prosperous new year. The main theme of the collection is to appeal to the ancient wisdom, “Food is medicine and medicine is food”. For the Asian community, herbal medicine plays a significant role in their health and well-being, this collection would be most appealing to the Asian Americans who wish to give their loved ones a gift that is healthy, delicious, and symbolic of their heritage with a modern look.

What makes this collection unique is the three main chocolates are blended with exotic roots and flowers with luscious white chocolate, milk chocolate, and a rich dark chocolate. Each has a different combination, giving them all unique spin to the traditional taste of chocolate.

The creamy white chocolate ganache flavored with sweet chrysanthemum is quite delicious. The hard shell is soft to bite and the creamy inside has a strong ginger flavor but with the sweetness of the flower, it doesn’t leave a spicy aftertaste and gives a tinge of citrus flavor to the chocolate. The chocolate itself proved to a be a popular favorite amongst the guests at the press. For those who don’t like ginger, this is one delicious alternative to include more ginger into their diet, without the strong spicy aftertaste.

The smooth milk chocolate ganache flavored with fragrant gui flower and invigorating ginseng proved to be an interesting combination. The milk chocolate is very soft in flavor, allowing the creamy ginseng to be very pronounced. Mixed with the sweetness of the gui flower, it left a strong fruity aftertaste. Similar to traditional Chinese delicacies that include ginseng, this chocolate piece would be a great compliment to the new year goodies.

Last but not least, there is a 72% rich dark chocolate ganache flavored with delicate jasmine and aromatic angelica root. The dark chocolate isn’t bitter compared to others leaving a strong chocolate flavor. It’s creamy texture inside has a soft sweetness of jasmine, which makes it taste like candy and chocolate all in one little bite size package of creaminess. Together, this chocolate is enjoyable for anyone with a sweet tooth.

The chocolates are all in the shape of a goat, in honor of the Year of the Goat and as a bonus, also include the popular chocolates that are sold by GODIVA.


This special collection will only sold in select stores and online, across the U.S and Canada. Available in 15 piece and 20 piece boxes, the chocolates are enclosed in a red and gold luxury gift box with a beautiful goat pattern, maintaining the traditional lucky colors of the new year, while giving it a sleek modern look. The 15 piece gift box will be sold for $38 and the 20 piece box will be sold for $50 while supplies last until March 8th. This whole collection is GODIVA’s way of wishing everyone a healthy prosperous new year with its unique and delicious chocolates.

Also the GODIVA gave a special preview of their new Valentines’ Day collection. Similar to the new year’s chocolates, the chocolates are fondant flavor the boxes are specially designed by a famous Japanese designer, which gives valentine’s day a bright, colorful look for the holiday of love.

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