99 Favor Taste: Delicious Hotpot & BBQ Buffet You Must Try

Article by Wenqiang Zhou
Photo by Xue Liang

As the first restaurant served both hotpot and BBQ buffet in New York City, 99

Favor Taste should be included in your must-try restaurant list. Located in Chinatown, the second 99 restaurant keeps its design as the first one in Brooklyn. When it comes to the origin of restaurant name, Peter Lin, the owner, said he wanted to open 99 chained restaurants nationwide.

The overall decoration and furniture are red and black, high-end modern tone with a little bit old. Traditional Chinese cut-out wood carvings decorated with red gauze deliver a unique antique nostalgia, while the minimalistic and modern dining tables and lights take you back to modernism. Walking into the restaurant, you will find the dining are roomy and perfect for different kinds of dining purpose. There are small tables for dating size, round tables for family gathering, and separated rooms for a large party.


99 Favor Taste provides eight different soup bases including original, Chinese herbal, spicy, kimchi, congee, pig bone, tomato, curry. If you like some aroma light, tomato soup is a perfect foundation for your hotpot, and spicy soup is suitable for who likes full of spices and pungent ingredients.

Hotpot buffet serves trays with fresh sliced beef, lamb, fish, shrimp, crabs, mini sausage and more. Besides different kinds of best meat, dishes of raw vegetables (potato, turnip, lettuce, spinach, mushrooms and more) are prepared for your preference. The restaurant also offers add-ins and side orders.

One remarkable place is restaurant’s sauce station. More than 20 kinds of sauce and aromatic ingredients you can add and create your favorite sauce style. The sauce station also gives some recommendations for sauce picks. The safe choices for those who have no idea are a litter soy sauce with a little sesame oil, some garlic, and a lot of sesame paste. You can add some green onions or cilantro for a fresh taste boost.

Cold drinks are best partners for hotpot and BBQ. 99 Favor Taste makes freshly squeezed juice and shakes for customers. The most popular one is the avocado milkshake, which is a little bit frothy and sweet. Other drinks like scented tea, soda, beer, and sake are also perfect for your hotpot buffet. 99 also introduced its new drink, plum soup, made with sugar, plums, and haws, which is a traditional summer drink in China.

Many celebrities love 99 Favor Taste a lot because of its comfortable environment and excellent catering service. The famous Taiwanese singer Wakin Chau chose to dine in balcony room after his concert. Other stars like Gao Yuanyuan( Model, Actor), A-lin( Singer), Godfrey Tsao(Actor), Zhang Yuqi (Actor) and more have spent their pleasant eating time in 99 Favor Taste. “The best catering services provided by our team is the key to driving a large number of people to dine in our restaurant. How to offer a good service is regarding how our crews to serve customers. As a manager, I have to direct and serve my team correctly; then they know how to give a good service to our customers. So our significant fundamentals are our employees, our waiters, they work with much passion even in very basic task”, restaurant manager Joanna said.

With the broad acceptance of its excellent catering service, taste, and environment, 99 will open in three new locations to serve different region including New Jersey, Flushing, and NYU area this year. One Last wonderful thing is that 99 offers a free treat in your birthday. Take your photo I.D. on your birthday or just bring a 6-inch cake before/after three days of your birth date.

Business Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00pm – 3:00am
732 61st, Brooklyn, NY 11220
Tel: 718-439-0578
285 Grand St, New York, NY 10002
Tel: 646-682-9122

For more information, visit www.favortaste.com

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