2016 LUCKYRICE New York Feast

By Joy Chiang Ling

On June 3, 2016, hundreds of guests gathered at the Factory Floor in anticipation of LUCKYRICE ’s annual New York Feast. Located at Industry City’s creative hub in Brooklyn, the festival offered both indoor and outdoor atmospheres. Indoors, DJs blasted remixes of the latest hits as guests indulged in the savory tastes and aromas of food and drinks. Outdoors, fairy lights hung over the crowd as lines formed in front of kiosks serving Hawaiian, Japanese, Cantonese, Thai and Korean cuisine.

Hosted by Chef Dale Talde of Top Chef fame, the event featured well-known local and international chefs. Featured restaurants included:


• 10Below: an ice cream shop located in Manhattan and Flushing that stole the spotlight with their thai-style ice cream rolls.

• Pokéworks: a New York-based Hawaiian restaurant that serves fresh and sustainable seafood. Famous for their “Pokirrito” (sushi burrito), the restaurant is expanding to Boston, Seattle and California.

• Spice Market: chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Southeast Asian restaurant, with a menu inspired by the street food Mr. Vongerichten enjoyed while travelling all around Southeast Asia.

• Zing’s Awesome Rice: a gourmet seared rice shop that serves a healthy variety of rice-based dishes. They also offer gluten-free and vegan dining options in their Lower East Side location.

• Delicias Urbanas: a multicultural Latin-American dessert shop founded by Felix Castro, a pastry chef who has worked in the kitchens at Morimoto, Spice Market, The 21 Club, Post House and Hurricane Club.

• Perry St: chef Jean-Georges and Cedric Vongerichten’s restaurant blends French, American and Asian styles in their West Village kitchen. Their tuna tartar is served with chipotle and pickled daikon – a spicy and zesty seafood appetizer.

• Open Blue Cobia: founded by third-generation fish farmer Brian O’Hanlon in 2007, Open Blue Cobia seeks to serve healthy, fresh and delicious white fish on beautifully adorned plates while sustaining important ocean ecosystems. Their highlighted dish, open blue cobia poke, is fermented in chile and buttermilk and garnished with seeds and flowers.

• Yaso Tangbao: a Chinese restaurant that specializes in making soup dumplings, Yaso Tangbao chose to serve delicious and crispy chicken sauerkraut spring rolls at their LUCKYRICE outdoor kiosk.

• Wisefish Poké: Located in Chelsea, Wisefish Poké was founded by duo Drew Crane and Bryan Cowan. Their fresh salmon and yellowfin tuna poké were served with crunchy tortilla chips – the perfect hor d’ouvres for people who love both seafood and snacks.

• Red Farm: a modern Chinese restaurant that serves a unique version of dim-sum. Their blue crap and shrimp dumplings look peculiar, but taste delectable.

• La Chine: Located in the Waldorf Astoria, La Chine is a fine dining Chinese restaurant whose spring chicken with sesame & peanut dressing seeks to satisfy both western and eastern taste buds.

• Jue Lan Club: Cuban/Columbian chef Oscar A. Toro’s Chinese cooking “for people who don’t like Chinese food” stimulated palates with their sloppy braised oxtail bao buns.

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