World Wide Lab: A Directors Festival at Irondale Center

Article By Willliam Kustiono
Photo by Emily Cheng

On August 27, 2013, World Wide Lab is proudly to announce its 2013 Director’s Festival at New York City. The World Wide Lab is set to create a dynamic, diverse, and engaging work in every parts of the world. Its main purpose is to create a networking or connection between movie directors to share their minds or ideas with the fellow members. World Wide Lab is created in the summer of 2010 as the 70 members of the Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab joined together and collaborate to create an exciting event.

This 2013 World Wide Lab will feature 12 directors from 9 countries all around the world. They posses different cultures, ideas and brought together in one place. The World Wide Lab 2013 consists of the following directors: Ioli Andreadi, Laura Capparrotti, Jocelyn Yuchia Chang, Evan T. Cummings, Esther Jun, Annie G. Levy, Orly Noa Rabinya, Vidhu Singh, Jay Stern, Laura Tesman, Evan Tsitsias, and Chang Nai Wen.

Chang Nai Wen

The directors commented that they want to create a powerful event that can grasp the audience’s mind and feeling during the screening. These directors are really passionate about their works and would not let the audience disappointed by their works. It is their objective to make sure the audience is astonished by their art.

Terry Greiss, Executive Director from Irondale Center

Terry Greiss, Executive Director from Irondale Center are honored to participate in the press release. He explained World Wide Lab would be a great opportunity to share the ideas with fellow directors and create something bigger than we, the audience, can imagine. Perhaps Terry wants to express his huge excitement to have Irondale Center set up as a place to hold the event this year.

Jocelyn Yuchia Chang

The Director’s Feast event will play September 4th-7th and take place at Irondale Center, 85 South Oxford Street, Brooklyn, New York City. There will be two programs in this event: Two is Company and Alone in the Crowd. For more:

Ambassador Andrew Kao and Dir. of Taipei Cultural Center Susan Yu

Ioli Andreadi

Evan T. Cummings


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