Vulgaria – A Movie You Would Not Want to Miss

By Keen Lee

“Vulgaria”, the movie lives up to its name. Just hearing the title, one knows what to expect. That is right; it is exactly what you’re thinking of. The film, “Vulgaria”, brings you the story of a film producer who has failed to produce popular and high-quality standard film productions due to his lack of credibility and creativity in the film industry, but he learns how to do so through the “hard” way…

“Vulgaria” is a film about creating a film, but it is not just any film, it’s a vulgar film filled with sexual jokes, triads, and donkeys…ahem, I mean mules…The movie begins with producer To Wai-Cheung (Chapman To) who opens himself up to a group of university students by comparing his job as a producer to human pubic hair. Though the analogy comes off as taboo, his reasoning is true. Facing financial difficulty and family issues, he becomes desperate when he decides to produce his latest work, a remake of the 1976 erotic film called “Confession of a Concubine”, requested by the mainland triad leader, Tyrannosaur (Ronald Cheng). Speaking about the “sacrifices” he nonchalantly made throughout the Q&A, his success took less work to achieve than he or anyone else would have expected…

Sit back, and watch how he does it…From beginning to end, there is no hesitation on spitting out a word of profanity and sexual jokes. I can say for sure, this Hong Kong film has “penetrated” the American film industry one way or another…If there is nothing you think you would learn from a movie like this…at least, you can learn some unconventional Chinese Cantonese! Follow the link for more information on Vulgaria,

AsianInNY Movie Night (Photo by Vincent Shihchieh Wei)

(Photo by Vincent Shihchieh Wei)

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