“The Stroller Strategy” Film Review

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By William Kustiono

Directed by Directed by Clément Michel and starring Raphaël Personnaz , Charlotte Le Bon and Jérôme Commandeur. The Stroller Strategy presents a humorous yet ironic love story. The protagonist, Thomas needs to utilize an unthinkable method to rekindle the romance with her love, Marie Deville.

The story revolves around Thomas Platz meets Marie Deville, the most gorgeous women he’s ever seen in a party. They start a relationship and live together. One day Marie realized their relationship would never reach into a higher level since Thomas is still immature. They broke up and move separately. One year later, Thomas still harboring a feeling for Marie, tries to find a way to rekindle the love. His best friend Paul tries several methods against Thomas but he still closes his heart. He even suggests Thomas to pretend as a single father to attract women. One day, he miraculously catches the baby falling from stairs above. The baby’s mother was having a serious illness that she needs a medical attention. And then, she asks Thomas to take a good care of the baby while she’s treated in the hospital. Thomas also finds about Marie who used to work at the hospital, she has started an organization specializing in baby classes. Finally, he has a striking idea and uses this situation, he pretends as a single father and reconnect with Marie. Hoping she will accept him back.

Photo credit Rialto Pictures

The storyline is pretty much linear; the audience can tell where the direction is going. Somehow the audience can predict the upcoming situation in the story. The unthinkable method, using another person’s baby to approach an ex-girlfriend, that is something extraordinary. Thomas needs to take a great courage pretending as a single father and take a great leap forward to take care an unknown baby from a mother.

The story posses some humorous scenes between Thomas and Paul, he suggests Thomas to fake his identity to become a single father to approach Marie. He practices with Paul to perfect his deception and disguise in the baby center. Who would imagine this idea would be perfect to reconnect him with Marie?

The movie also contained irony because Thomas has to lie about his status to Marie, he needs to act like a single father separated from his wife. Why would you want to fake your identity to approach a girl? Especially in this film, you are taking someone else’s baby to the circle. What if the girl finds out about his identity? And also what if the baby’s mother finds out? That will be a great complication.

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