THE PAST: Consequences of An Affair

By Wun Kuen Ng

After fours years, Ahmad returns from Tehran to Paris to finalize a divorce upon the request of his French wife, Marie, who intends to marry new boyfriend Samir. During his stay, he discovers the reason for the tense relationship between Marie and teenage daughter, Lucie. The undercurrent of the drama is the wife of Samir who is in a coma as a result of the attempt suicide upon a suspicion of her husband’s affair. Who is at fault? There are twists and guilt in all parties involved. One’s choices and decisions have rippled effects.

The movie is dialogue driven. Immediately, one is drawn into the characters’ lives through the dialogue. Even though it is translation, one can see how the dialogue drives the action.

The acting of was genuine and convincing. Berenice Bejo plays Marie’s character with emotional intelligence and artistic nuance. Pauline Burlets role as the daughter is also played well with the angry angst and teary drama of a teenager. Ali Mosaffa is very self-contained in his role as a man from a distant land. He stands alone and moves alone. Tahar Rahim as Samir conveys the complexity of as the husband stuck between a wife in a coma and a woman with his child. The children in the children were brilliant and add an open atmosphere to the film.

There is no perfect past. No need to be a prisoner of it, analyze it or go back. Only new beginnings, however uncertain, on had to go forward.

It is highly recommended. The film will open in NY (Lincoln Plaza Cinemas and Film Forum) and LA on Friday, December 20, followed by a national release.

• Bérénice Bejo as Marie Brisson
• Tahar Rahim as Samir
• Ali Mosaffa as Ahmad
• Pauline Burlet as Lucie
• Elyes Aguis as Fouad
• Jeanne Jestin as Léa
• Sabrina Ouazani as Naïma
• Babak Karimi as Shahryar
• Valeria Cavalli as Valeria
• Eleonora Marino as Marie’s colleague

Written & Directed by Asghar Farhadi
Produced by Alexandre Mallet-Guy
Cinematographer Mahmoud Kalari
Original Music Evgueni & Youli Galperine
130 Minutes. |Language: French and Persian with English subtitles

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