Movie Review for The Bullet Vanishes

By Seaver Wong

The Bullet Vanishes is a breath of fresh air in the form of a great detective/mystery film. There are so many elements of the film that just click into place. The story is very simple. Two detectives and their trusty sidekick join together to solve the mystery of who is the murderer that used a “ghost bullet” that has mysteriously claimed someone’s life, but disappears afterwards. As simple as it sounds, the actual mystery itself is a lot more complex than one would think and I tip my hat to the director for giving this mystery so many twists and turns. It may seem long and never ending, but not once is the mystery boring. You’ll want to solve this mystery yourself and try to follow how the detectives go about solving this case as the film rolls along. It’s what I tried to do. The complexity of such a simple case is something that detective and mystery fans will appreciate.

The Bullet Vanishes is an engaging film that stimulates the mind and your intellect while being very immersive. The film makes you want to cheer for the good guys to win by solving this high-profile cast. For this film, the backstory plays an integral role in the film. Pay attention to each of the character’s personalities and motives. You can get a whole lot of mileage off The Bullet Vanishes by doing just that. I found that the overall acting for this film was pretty good, but it was the story, all the characters’ personalities, and the fact that this film really wants to make you cheer on the good guys in hopes that they would solve the mystery by making them the underdogs. That’s what was immersive about the movie, which really helped me to like The Bullet Vanishes a lot more.

I want to add that The Bullet Vanishes gets philosophical in a subtle way throughout the film, leaving you with many questions to think about after the movie is finished in a good way. I highly recommend seeing it especially if you don’t read any spoilers and don’t set any high expectations on this film. I was really surprised at how great The Bullet Vanishes was. It definitely exceeded my expectations. Definitely keep an open mind when watching this film and don’t read any spoilers. Try watching it once. I guarantee that you’ll love it.

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