The 3rd New York Chinese Film Festival Opening

The 3rd Annual New York Chinese Film Festival Opening Ceremony

Article By Keen Lee
Photo by Francis Latif

The opening night for the 3rd New York Chinese Film Festival began on Wednesday, October 17th at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall, with the North American debut of Chinese director Zhang Yang‘s Full Circle.  The Chinese A-list stars including Zhang Ziyi, star of the Oscar-winning “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, ZhuoFang Qing of “Only Walk”, and Annie Yi of “The Assassins” all attended the opening ceremony.

The New York Chinese Film Festival was founded in 2010 to promote cultural exchanges between China and US and to improve the development of the Chinese film industry.  Last year’s opening ceremony attracted 3,000 attendees.

And this year, China Central Television Movie Channel and the Chinese American Arts Council present the 3rd New York Chinese Film Festival, which features 12 films, from Oct 18th to October 20th. Jia Qi, deputy director of CCTV Movie Channel, and Sid Ganis, director of the American Association of Independent Film, are co-chairing the festival. Of the Chinese films that will be screened during the event includes Zhang Ziyi and Aaron Kwok’s romance “Love for Life”, and both stars are scheduled to attend the premier of their movies for special greet and meet with fans.

Jia Qi, deputy director of CCTV Movie Channel (centerd)

Ziyi Zhang looks gorgeous at the 3rd Annual New York Chinese Film Festival and she was presented the Outstanding Artist Award at the festival by Sid Ganis, the former president of the Academy of Motion Pictures and Science.

Ziyi Zhang

Annie Yi shows off her curves with a beautiful red gown on the red carpet of the 3rd Annual New York Chinese Film Festival.  Annie is here to present her movie “The Assassins”.

Annie Yi

Luodan Wang looks stylish at the 3rd Annual New York Chinese Film Festival with cute tops and super shorts.  She will be attending her premiere of the movie “Lethal Hostage”.

Luodan Wang

The opening ceremony movie was “Full Circle” directed by Yang Zhang, a movie centers around a group of senior citizens living in a nursing home who wish to compete in a Japanese television variety show, the “bucket list” of a man named Old Ge who wants to see his daughter in Japan. Veteran Chinese Actors: Wu Tianming, Xu Huanshan and Yan Bingyan brought us to tears while watching the movie.  It’s an excellent choice of the opening film to kick off the 3rd NY Chinese Film Festival.

Actor Shimao Zhu with Consul General Guoxiang Sun of the People's Republic of China in New York

According to the chairman of the Chinese American Arts Council, Alan Chow, the Chinese movie industry is booming, However, Chinese films are not well known among Westerners. For this reason, the Chinese film festival in New York City was established to give Chinese movies a global stage. According to Association of Film Commissioners International, China has the fastest growing film market in the world, coming in third place for the largest film producer globally, after India and the United States. In 2009, China’s film industry produced over 500 films compared to merely 100 in 2002. The film industry’s main trade group at Motion Picture Association of America recorded that China had imported 20 US films in 2011, but only some Chinese films are exported to a wide audience overseas and a few of them have done well in big Western markets with the exception of Zhang Yimou’s Hero and Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.  Therefore, there is a strong need to introduce  Chinese Cinema culture to the audiences in New York and to build up a platform for world-class international promotion of Chinese films and communication on professional levels between American and Chinese film industry.

For the complete list of films and Q&A schedules, please visit:

Ziyi Zhang

Actress Luo Yan (Lisa Lu)

Bo Gao (director), Qiongzhuo Fang (leading actress) of Only Walk

General Guoxiang Sun of the People's Republic of China in New York

3rd New York Chinese Film Festival

3rd New York Chinese Film Festival

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