The 3rd New York Chinese Film Festival 2012 Comes to a Close

Aaron Kwok with Sandra Ng

Article by Keen Lee
Photo by Francis Latif

On October 19th, the 3rd New York Chinese Film Festival concluded with the attendees of Hong Kong actors Aaron Kwok and Sandra Ng, “Full Circle” director Yang Zhang , mainland actor Shimao Zhu, Luodan Wang , Tao Guo and Qingzhuo Fang at the Starlight Roof of New York’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. The night featured a black tie gala dinner and an Asian artist’s awards ceremony.

Sandra Ng Receiving the Outstanding Asian Actress Award

At this ceremony, notable actors and director Zhang Yang went home with an award at the end of the night. Aaron Kwok, Sandra Ng, and Zhu Shimao received the Outstanding Asian Artist Award while Wang Luodan, Guo Tao and Fang QingZhuo won the Most Popular Asian Artist Award. Director Zhang Yan definitely did not miss out by winning the outstanding Asian director Award.

Handsome & Talented Aaron Kwok

Sandra Ng & Aaron Kwok

Among the VIPS also included actor Alan Alda, actress Lisa Lu, and Comptroller John Liu.

Alan Alda & Lisa Lu

Though the 3rd New York Chinese Film Festival came to a close, many audiences are looking forward to the next festival already, because the films showcased amazing actors who attended this year received great responses. Thirteen Chinese films were screened at festival, which were sponsored by the film channel China Central Television-6. It is a privilege to participate in this film festival and it is all thanks to China Central Television-6 for bringing such remarkable Chinese films to the American market.

Qingzhuo Fang

Zhu Shimao

Tao Guo

Alan Chow

Aaron Kwok & Sandra Ng at the Gala

Some notable films that were featured during the 3rd New York Chinese Film Festival included “Love for Life”, “The Assassins”, “Divergence”, “Juliet in Love”, “Only Walk”, and “Million Dollar Crocodile”.

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