The 21st Beijing College Student Film Festival in New York

By Joy Chiang Ling

This year, the New York Film Academy (“NYFA”) and Beijing Normal University collaborated to host the overseas venue of the annual Beijing College Student Film Festival (“BCSFF”). BCSFF is a large cultural activity founded in 1993 that showcases some of China’s best student-made films. Over 2,000 applicants competed for a spot in the festival, and only a few were chosen to be winners.

The winners for the USA venue included:

My Ghost Girlfriend
by Nuo Shi
This 8-minute film is about a man who moves into an apartment haunted by a female ghost. The two develop a light-hearted relationship, until the man is forced to meet and impress the ghost’s parents.

The Floating Island
by Chuan Lu
The Floating Island stars four children who attempt to uncover the mysteries behind a floating island off the shores of Hong Kong. This film explores childhood imagination and friendships in a pure and charming tone.

Why Documentary
by Sami Salmenkivi
This short documentary made by a Finnish student attempts to explain why humans desire to document their lives and the things around them. It contains beautiful shots of landscapes, people and animals from diverse areas of the world.

by Andrey Trevgoda
This film follows a red bicycle that is stolen, abandoned, stolen and abandoned again in a series of humorous and unfortunate events. Viewers get a glimpse into the life of each person who claims the bicycle, and learns how each person is indirectly connected to one another through the bicycle.

by Fausto Estrada Guerrero
Pepperoni is about a pizza-loving homeless man that wanders the streets of Brooklyn Heights. Ostracized from society, he eventually finds solace in a stray dog, the only living thing that has offered him companionship.

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