Screening of Go Grandriders

Filmmaker Peter Starr, Director Hua Tien-hao (華天灝), Producer Ben Tsiang (蔣顯斌)

The hit Taiwanese documentary Go Grandriders (不老騎士) was screened tonight at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York to a full house of media and film critics. The film’s director Hua Tien-hao (華天灝), producer Ben Tsiang (蔣顯斌), and renowned filmmaker Peter Starr all attended the special screening.

Credit: Motocyclist

Directed by Taiwanese documentarian Tien-hao Hua, “Go Grandriders” tells the story of 17 elderly men and women who embark on a motorcycle tour around Taiwan. The trip takes 13-days and covers over 1100 kilometers. Remarkably, the average age of these tenacious motorcyclists is 81 years old, some of whom have serious heart and health conditions. Many are going against the wishes of their families who fear for their safety and well being. Despite these and other obstacles, this group of octogenarians has enough gumption and enthusiasm to follow their dreams and make this possibly treacherous journey.

Director Hua Tien-hao (華天灝) speaking

What makes the film extraordinary is that, in addition to telling the story of these participants’ tour around Taiwan, it looks back at their pasts, recounting individual narratives and, through them, outlining some of the important events in Taiwan’s history. For instance, one of the participants was a former artilleryman for the Japanese during WWII, while another was a soldier with the KMT. Although they were mortal enemies during this international conflict, the film documents their blossoming friendship and reconciling of differences, showing that despite their personal histories, they can work together to realize their dreams. In this way, viewers can use the film to understand certain chapters in Taiwan’s sometimes turbulent past and put a human face on the events that made Taiwan what it is today.

Ambassador Andrew Kao attend the reception (right), Wu'erkaix (吾爾開希, left), Yvonne Yeh (center)

The film has been very well received around the world, with box-office earnings in Taiwan reaching over US$1 million, a record for a documentary film.

producer Ben Tsiang (蔣顯斌), centered with event guests (Jamie Li and Jasper Li)

What’s your bucket list when you are over 80 years old?  “I Didn’t Stop Riding Because I Got Old, I Got Old Because I Stopped Riding.”  Now, it’s time for us to write down some of our dreams and try to fulfill it one by one!

Director Hua Tien-hao (華天灝), left

Prepare your tissue and view the movie trailer now:

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