Rent A White Guy Musical

Rent A White Guy, a new multilingual musical fable about life for laowai (foreigners) living in China, held its New York premiere at the Secret Theatre in Long Island City this September!

With award-winning book, music, and lyrics by Anna Grace Carter, Rent A White Guy is a quirky, imaginative, and enlightened travel-tale about Charlie (from Anytown, USA) who dreams of becoming a famous writer. But, when a magical fortune cookie leads him to get a job as an English teacher in China, he encounters a strange new world that he doesn’t understand and that doesn’t understand him. An international cast of characters – all with their own ambitions and dreams deferred – set Charlie on an adventure of self-discovery, language barriers, and what it means to belong – complete with dancing fortune cookies, shooting stars, and time-traveling robots from outer-space.

The cast included Simon Pearl, Danielle Beckmann, Clara Wong, Carl Hsu, Ariel Marcus, German Rodriguez, Helene Ellford, Holly Chou, Mara Measor, Noah Brendemuehl, Paul T. Falzone, Ray Sheen, Ryun Hobbs, Shawna Shin, Ya Han Chang and ZiLong Pu.

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