By Ismary Munet

From the Asian-American troupe Ma-Yi Theater, comes “The Wong Kids in the Secret of the Space Chupacabra Go!” Similar to its name, the play is weird, yet vibrant, and gives a new twist to the adventure and excitement of children’s plays with its use of space creatures, superpowers, talking rocks, and puppets.

Directed by Ralph B. Peña along with Jack Tamburri, and written by Lloyd Suh, the play honors Bruce (Alton Alburo) and Violet (Sasha Diamond) Wong as the young Asian-Americans who go from being a bullied nerd, and a nobody with self-esteem issues to superheroes.

Ma-Yi Theater Company in New York collaborated with the Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis to produce this piece of work, which is suitable for family audiences of all ages. These new heroes save the universe with their telepathic ability to lift rocks with their minds, breath in outer space, and teleport. Suh’s script is full of wit and humor, which the actors remarkably execute.

“The Wong Kids” isn’t only fun, but portrays themes of the importance of family, and accepting yourself for who you are, and the talents you have. By the end of the play, “The Wong Kids” realize that being different isn’t only okay, but that it’s important.

While it is a children’s play, Adults and young theatergoers are sure to enjoy it just as much.

Directors: Ralph B. Peña and Jack Tamburri
Script: Lloyd Suh
Cast: Alton Alburo, Curran Connor, Sasha Diamond, Ethan Hova, Kate Marley, Matthew Gunn Park.
Set: Meredith Ries
Costume: Becky Bodurtha
Lighting: Paul Whitaker
Original Music and Sound: Shane Rettig
Puppets: David Parkinson Valentine
Choreography: Jennifer Delac

WONG KIDS Ma-Yi Trailer at La MaMa Theater

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