New York Movie Premiere “They Exist”

By Tatiana Ho

The 29th of October was a big day for the cast and crew of scary movie , “They Exist”. The premiere, hosted at City Cinemas 123 on East side Manhattan, allowed the cast commingle with exclusive guests and press before and after the movie screening. Guests were escorted to a large theater with adjustable cushioned chairs to watch the movie at their viewing pleasure. The theater hosted an array of guests, including family and friends of the cast as they came to support the premiere of the movie. “They Exist” is shown in commercials on well known channels such as Mtv, Fox, Syfy, and FXX.

Said to be inspired by true the events, the horror feature film takes the viewpoint of many different characters as they show their own personal tangles with the supernatural realm. Main actor and director Bu Ali Shah takes on the role as a troubled filmmaker who decides to tell the stories of real supernatural experiences with his girlfriend, played by Catalina Ceballos, and former coworker/nemesis, actor John Stegmaier. The troubled filmmaker is faced with the decision to warn the world of the supernatural forces within the world, or keep it hidden as he is prompted to do by story tellers.

Bu Ali Shah states that the reason for making the film is to bring awareness to the supernatural that people don’t know exists. He, along with the cast and crew for the film, conducted a series of interviews about real supernatural experiences from real people. He made sure to state that not everything within the movie is true, but he was inspired by some of the stories told. Because the film was on a low budget, the cast members helped take on different tasks while filming. Shah thanked his crew for taking on the odd jobs needed, such as actors doing make up and filming some of the scenes. Without the help of the cast, Shah stated he would not have been able to make the movie as well as he did.

The film “They Exist” will be available on Itunes, Google Play on Halloween. Customers can also pre order the film in order to ensure they get a physical copy on the main website. To watch the trailer go to:!trailer/crez.

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