Movie Review: Young and Dangerous

By William Kustiono

Young and Dangerous is a movie based on the comic book Teddy Boy. It tells the life of gangsters in the Hong Kong area. Young and Dangerous is directed by Andrew Lau, a Hong Kong director, cinematographer, and producer. Some of Lau’s notable works are the Infernal Affairs series, Initial D, and Confession Pain. Lau began his movie career in the 1990s, serving as a cinematographer to filmmakers such as Wong Jing, Ringo Lam, and Wong Kar-wai. After he accumulates experience in filmmaking, he decides to become a film director and producer. Young and Dangerous is one of the best series he ever produced.

director Andrew Lau

Young and Dangerous is a movie about the Hong Kong triad societies. The story revolves around Chan Ho Nam, played by Ekin Cheng, and his best friends “Chicken” Chiu (Jordan Chan), Tai Tin Yee (Michael Tse), Pou Pee (Jerry Lamb), and Chow Pee (Jason Chu) who idolizes “Uncle Bee” from Hung Hing Society. After a misunderstanding and a beat down, they join “Uncle Bee”. Ten years later, they are all grown up and powerful in the society. Ho Nam and his crewmembers assassinated Kwan’s right hand “Bai Bai,” and at the same time, Ho Nam stumbles across “Stammer,” the guy who carjacked his car. Keeping an eye on Ho Nam is triad leader “Ugly Kwan” who makes the decision to end Ho Nam’s progression in the society once and for all.

This movie sets the idea for the rest of the Ho Nam’s journey in the trilogy. He is first portrayed as a regular schoolboy who idolizes Hung Hing triad society. After joining the society, we see that he has grown more mature albeit they are still tasked as hitmen. There are several supporting characters such as Stammer (Gigi Lai), Father Lam (Spencer Lam), and Chairman Chiang (Simon Yam) who contribute towards the characters progression.

This movie includes famous actors such as Ekin Cheng and Jordan Chan. This was a major breakout during their early film career. They successfully attracted an audience and made the movie a big hit in the late 1990s. Ekin Cheng and Jordan Chan are famously associated with action movies, especially in Asia. Although this movie has cut-throat bloods spilling gang fights that will make you sit on the edge of your seat, be careful not to fall off that seat when you see the humorous scenes for the occasional laughter. Chow Pee and “Chicken” Chiu are the most humorous characters in the whole movie; they never take things seriously and always play along with Ho Nam. Overall, this movie is very successful in Hong Kong and has spurred many series and spinoffs.

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