Movie Review: Seeking Haven

By William Kustiono

Seeking Haven is based on a true story of a family who decided to run away from North Korea and took refuge in another country. Directed by Hein Seok, Seeking Haven is about a documentary of a North Korean family who has crossed the border to China in search of freedom. Most of them live in hiding and in fear of being deported back to North Korea and politically persecuted.

The 23-year old Youngsoon Kim left North Korea and crossed the border to take refuge in Jilin Province in China. She lived in hiding for 5 years, fearing prosecution and repatriation to North Korea. When she saw a chance to move from China to another country, she decided to move to Thailand. After settling in Thailand, she received a call that her sister was captured. She was sent to jail in North Korea and branded as a political prisoner. Kim immediately returned to China and began to plot a plan to smuggle her sister out of North Korea.

Seeking Haven is a deeply emotional movie. Every single detail and emotion throughout Kim’s journey is portrayed, from North Korea to Thailand and saving her sister from North Korea. With several plans in mind, Kim must take precaution because if there is even the slightest mistake in her plan, she will be captured and sent to a prison as a spy.

This breathtaking movie is a must see who enjoys suspense and culture. It is a movie that will enrich people’s knowledge about the reality of living in North Korea and South Korea. Kim’s remarkable dedication and perseverance to save her sister from North Korea is captured and that will leave you questioning, what will Kim do next?

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