Movie Review: My Lucky Star

By William Kustiono

My Lucky Star is a prequel to Sophie’s Revenge, starring Ziyi Zhang. My Lucky Star is directed by American Dennie Gordon, whose previous credits include many TV series and the feature Joe Dirt. This movie similarly spoofs the Austin Powers series but adds new original elements by giving a female spin to the genre. In most movies, men play the lead character. Not in this film. This is the tale of an innocent young woman who becomes involved with international criminals and conspiracies. After crossing path with a master spy, everything and anything seems possible.

Sophie (Ziyi Zhang) is an unsuccessful comic book writer who makes her living as a travel agent. She spends most of her day drawing and daydreaming (the film depicts her imagination onscreen via graphic panels and animated segments). When Sophie wins a trip to Singapore, her fantasies come to life. She encounters the flamboyant secret agent David Yan (Leehom Wang) who is in pursuit of the “Lucky Star,” a large diamond essential to a weapon of mass destruction. The villain, Charlie Wong (Terri Kwan) plans to use it to blow up Bermuda.

Sophie soon finds herself in a series of life or death situations that requires her prince charming David to constantly save her. Sophie attempts to help David in various ways, which often puts her life at stake.

The odd pairing between the clumsy Sophie and charming David brings many comedic scenes that are unimaginable. The 114 minutes is ridiculousness that wears thin rather quickly. If the comedic moments and story plot does not entertain enough, there are visual allure of the two leads and scenic shots of exotic locations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macao’s Venetian Resort Hotel.

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