Movie Review: Kirishima Thing

By Michelle Xia

“Kirishima Thing” is a unique story told by the days of the week. The film begins on Friday where a popular volleyball player named Kirishima quit the school team. This seamlessly sudden decision for Kirishima affects others in school, some you would never expect. Director Daihachi Yoshida shows the different perspectives by sharing each character’s version of Friday.

24 hours has passed and it is now Saturday. The search and concern for Kirishima starts to intensify after students and faculty members realize he is absent from class. The team needs Kirishima. No substitute, no game strategy would work to cover the hole Kirishima left. His absence impacts not only the team, but the entire societal structure within the school. Signs of dispute between clubs and friends are shown. Ryoya Maeda is a quiet aspiring filmmaker who wants a script produced into a movie. He wants to shoot on the rooftop, but finds Aya Sawashima, a member of the band club, playing her saxophone there. She claims it’s a good place for her to practice, when her hidden agenda is to see Hiroki Kikuchi play basketball afterschool.

The weekend has passed, and Monday is here. All the social norms of this school have broken down when everyone believes Kirishima has returned and is on the rooftop. Hoping to see Kirishima, they all run to the rooftop. Instead, they find the film club and disturb them during their shoot. Frustrated, the quiet and the socially awkward film club, gave the intruders a piece of their mind.

“Kirishima Thing”, like most high school films, has cliques. The difference is how the clique is used, and Director Daihachi Yoshida connects all of the characters together. For example, Kasumi Higashihara, played by Ai Hashimoto, is in the popular girl clique, who was found striking conversation with Ryoya Maeda, played by Ryunosuke Kamiki, after the students see a movie.

This short movie demonstrates the dynamic changes in different characters and demonstrates the importance and the impact of one character to a large scale. “Kirishima Thing” challenges ourselves by showing us the impact of one’s decision throughout the whole school.

This fantastic movie was released for public viewing at the Lincoln Center. Grab your tickets if you still can!

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