Movie Review: Dreams for Sale

By Michelle Xia

How would you react if your dreams were burned down to ashes right before your eyes? What would you do? For couple Satoko and Kanya, their beloved restaurant, turns into dust because of unattended cooking beef skewers. In “Dreams for Sale”, Satoko and Kanya goes to extremes and unforeseen measures to raise enough money to open another restaurant, their longing dream.

Satoko and Kanya is a very interesting couple. Satoko carries the marriage with her positive attitude and often tells Kanya what to do. Right after the disaster, Satoko quickly finds a new job serving ramen at a local eatery and Kanya finds a job as a cook at a restaurant. But, when Kanya discovers the restaurant serves rotten food to their customers, she causes a fuss and gets fired immediately. Still supportive and strong, Satoko encourage Kanya to find new means to make money.

When Satoko realize the attractive appeal Kanya gives off to girls, Satoko urges Kanya to womanize for money and loans. By telling his sob story and being emotionally comfort, Kanya woo women to help raise money for the reopening of their restaurant and to own a new apartment. However, Satako and Kanya’s sneaky plan goes down south when some of the victimized women learn of his devious ways, creating a chaotic and messy ending.

“Dreams for Sale” is the story of a desperate couple in attempts to get back on their feet. Kanya isn’t just rubbing the random ladies for their savings, he is provides them the encouragement and confidence they need. One was a single mother in whom Kanya filled up the missing gap in her life by cooking for the family and taking care of the child. Although Satoko and Kanya’s method for money is outlandish and unjust, Kanya help the ladies by encouraging them to dream, motivating them to be persistent, and giving them a shoulder when need it.

“Dreams for Sale” is featured in New York Asian Film Festival and Japan Cuts: Festival of Contemporary Japanese Cinema. You should definitely try to catch it if you can!

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