Movie Review: Confession of Murder

By Michelle Xia

In the New York Asian Film Festival, “Confession of Murder” was one of the films featured in this event. This action packed, plot-twisted Korean movie brings a tale that the audience has never seen before.

This movie is set at a restaurant where police officer Choi Hyung-Gu is having his dinner. All of a sudden, a masked man charges through the restaurant’s window, shattering the glass into pieces, and startling everyone in it. This starts the wild goose chase between the masked man and Choi Hyung-Gu. Leaping and jumping over buildings, Choi Hyung-Gu gets badly injured and scarred as the masked man escapes.

The mystery man encountered is actually the man responsible for multiple unsolved murders. No one, including Choi Hyung-Gu, was successful in capturing the unknown killer. After the statue of limitations, the masked man, an idol-like man, Doo Suk Lee, pronounces his wrongdoings to the public. To the public’s wild surprise, Doo Suk Lee steps forth and admits to all of the unsolved murders. He proves it with a book that includes specific details of each killing.

Doo Suk Lee quickly becomes popular. While many admire him for his bravery to come forth, for his attempts to make amends to the victim’s families, and for his charming looks among the female population, some are skeptical of Doo Suk Lee’s confession as the masked killer. Choi Hyung-Gu is one of the few suspicious of Doo Suk Lee and actually calls him out during a press interview.

Soon enough, the name J and is rumored to be the real masked killer. The public starts an uprising over the identity of the masked killer. Choi Hyung-Gu, J, and Doo Suk Lee meet and sit at a round table to discuss this matter.

Who is responsible for these unsolved murders? Who is the killer? Is it J or Doo Suk Lee? This movie has love, revenge, and pride, keeping the audience at the edge of their seat. This is a movie you do not want to miss! Watch the “Confession of Murder” to find out the shocking plot twist when they reveal who is the killer.

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