Film Review: Brahmin Bulls

Article by Monica (Yimeng) Geng

Movie “Brahmin Bulls” presents a complicated story about a father-son relationship. The main character, Sid, is a disillusioned architect who also has a strong passion for tennis. While struggling with his divorce, his distant father Ashok surfaced in town. Although it seemed like Ashok was trying to patch things up with Sid, the real reason of his visit is for a long lost lover name Helen. After Sid discovered the truth, their relationship faced an even more severe dilemma.

Ashok was never really around when Sid was little. He was busy with his career and didn’t have a strong connection with Sid’s mother. Eventually he betrayed his marriage and had an affair with Helen. This incident devastated the rest of his family, and Sid’s hatred towards his father grew deeper after the death of his mother.

Additionally, as a young boy, Sid didn’t have much good memory with Ashok. All he could remember were Ashok telling him that he wasn’t good enough and how much he disappointed him. Ashok never considered about what Sid wanted and kept pressuring him to improve. Their rare father-son bonding time was during tennis rehearsals yet all Sid could remember was Ashok yelling at him after he lost a competition.

The relationship between Sid and Ashok is very complicated. On one hand, even though they don’t show it enough, they are related by blood and truly care for each other. On the other hand, Ashok had made so many mistakes in the past and there are wounds in Sid’s heart that can never be completely healed. Towards the end, when Sid rejected Ashok’s gift of a citrus tree, Ashok fainted and was rushed to the ER. This hospital incident somehow made Sid realize what the value of family meant to him. He decided to let go of the animosity and embrace his father with love. One of the ending scenes is Sid and Ashok planting the citrus tree together. The entire image is so harmonious and heart-warming.

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