Movie Review: Best Friends Forever

By Michelle xia

“Best Friends Forever” is a story about two reckless young adults from LA embarking on a mini road trip to the south. Through this unreasonably planned drive, these two characters, Harriet and Reba, encountered random and rather life-threatening interactions with roadside strangers. This movie takes the reviewers on a trip through the ways of youth spontaneity, true friendship, and how they deal with the violent mayhem.

This film begins at a typical college house party scene that Reba is hosting. After a night of crazy and reckless choices, Reba agrees to go on a road trip with Harriet and drop her off at the University of Texas, where she will be attending graduate school. This trip, which starts with casual roadside dances and random flashes, quickly turns its course to total chaos. Harriet and Reba encounters many people on the road such as random hipsters who hijacks their vehicle and meet a delirious truck driver. Harriet and Reba are on the rocks as they deal with many setbacks when secrets are revealed. Reba soon discovers that Harriet got rejected from the University of Texas. What was she going to do, if not attend school?

When Harriet finds out about a nuclear bomb in LA through a dusty television set in an abandoned deli, it was the tip of the iceberg. The road trip went from a casual adventure to the south, to an escape from total destruction. After walking their way to Austin, emotionally and physically exhausted, they find themselves back at a party scene. At the party, the two close friends part, finding time alone to reevaluate what has happened and what to do in the future. Just when you think the friendship was over, Reba drew attention to some country police officers. Harriet, flaming with anger, came to the rescue. I guess, that’s what true friends are for.

The characters Harriet and Reba demonstrate depth of friendship and how essential it is. This dynamic duo is not only present in the characters, but also the actors Brea Grant (Harriet) and Vera Miao (Reba) show their relationship in real life. Grant and Miao work side by side as Writer, Director, and Producer of the film. Combining two actors with different experiences, Grant (from Heroes and Dexter) and Miao (from CSI: Miami and Brothers & Sisters) were able to create “Best Friends Forever”, where two people are “where they are supposed to be”.

“Best Friends Forever” is showcased in Asian American International Film Festival on August 1, 2013.

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